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new restaurant in bay ridge?

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I noticed a new addition to the ridge yesterday on bay ridge avenue off 3rd avenue called petit oven, has anyone been to it?

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  1. One of our local chat groups has been raving about this place.

    1. BF and I went to Petit Oven tonight and highly recommend it. It is indeed a warm, comfortable neighborhood place with great food. We tried the tasting menu. The pork chop was the best---perfectly cooked. The portion of mussels was huge and delicious. At $35 each, it was a real deal. Everyone should check it out.

      1. We ate there Sunday night. Excellent food, atmosphere, and staff! Everything we ordered was really good -- I had mussels appetizer and the steak and gorgonzola mac and cheese. Others in my party ordered an eggplant and goat cheese appetizer, a special with smoked salmon, the pork chops and a gnocchi and wild mushroom dish -- this last one was particularly amazing. Everything was made to order, so my sister easily got her mussels without sausage.

        One small word of warning: there were 5 of us, and 6 other people in the restaurant who had arrived before us. The entire meal took 2 1/2 hours, with quite a wait for the appetizers in particular. We were happy to spend the time in such a cozy and friendly place, but if you are in a rush this is probably not the place for you.

        Still BYOB, although I don't know how long that will last.

        We'll go back!

        1. Tried it for the first time last night after reading all the raves here. Food was very good, mussels were nice & juicy, not overdone. Pork chop done well as was the duck. Very friendly staff and attentive (but not overly so). Still byob for another month, then it will be wine & beer. New menu starting today. I'm looking forward to trying their fish after speaking with the chef of our shared dislike of overcooked seafood in so many restaurants.

          1. They have a website now! http://www.petit-oven.com

            Menu and mailing list. Also looks like they may have take-out one day, if you don't wanna do any waiting.