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Halal Food In Los Angeles

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I'm visiting LA, staying in the hollywood and highland area. Where can I find halal food near here? It doesn't have to be a restaurant. Eateries can be carts, street vendors, bakeries etc. Please help!!

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  1. The only place that I can think of is a few miles east of your location:

    Makkah Halal Tandoori Restaurant
    401 S. Vermont Ave.,#3
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    (213) 383-9976

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      I think that Paru is also halal. Please correct me if that's not the case.


    2. Will strickly kosher, and no alcohol, serve in a pinch? If so, go down Fairfax to Pico, and then west along Pico to hit a bunch of places., . .

      1. I don't know if it's too late, but I found this link:


        I've only been to two places on the list. Beverly Falafel is a good quick lunch kind of place, the food's not amazing. I remember their falafel and hummus were good, but didn't care for their chicken so much. Gaby's in Culver City is quite good. But under "Halal Authenticity" it says "verbal assurance by staff." The waitressess seem, shall we say, well, kinda ditzy. I'd just make sure you were getting "verbal assurances" from someone with some authority, like Gaby himself. Beverly Falafel is much closer to Hollywood, but still isn't especially close. Good luck, enjoy your stay!

        1. Check with your personal imam, qadi or other clergy to see if your tradition allows for kosher food. Some muslim traditions do.
          If not, vegetarian such as the above mentioned Paru's or real food daily would work, as would a dairy restaurant like "The Milky Way" on Pico. If you're on Hollywood,
          contact Moun of Tunis on Sunset, (Pretty sure it is halal)
          Marouch on santa monica blvd
          Beverly HIlls Colbeh on wilshire
          and see if they are halal.

          Aswell there are many iranian places on westwood blvd south of Wilshire (near ucla) that may be halal.
          flame, shaherzad etc.

          If you have a car and want to go east for an adventure (or know someone with a car) happy family in monterey park has vegetarian only food (no alcohol) and China Islamic on Garvey in monterey park is strict hallal, no alcohol allowed in the restaurant. and it's excellent.

          1. Chutneys is halal.

            2406 South Barrington Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90064
            (310) 477-6263
            Open Mon-Sat 11am-9:30pm; Sun 5pm-9pm

            oh, oops, you said hollywood/highland. sorry but this place is still really great :)

            1. This is the wrong side of town for you, but there is a Halal place at the corner of Caleveras and Lake in Altadena. They advertise various types of burgers (lamb and beef) and fried chicken, it's next to a Muslim community center, Masjid Al-Taqwa, though I'm not sure what the name of the restaurant is.

              1. While the OP is long gone, an interesting option is California Steak and Fries, with locations in the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City and the renovated historic Baldwin Theater building on La Brea and Coliseum. While not everything is Halal, a lot of their items are if you specify.

                1. Man, you are in luck, a new hot Halal ticket just opened up in exactly that area!


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                      Muslim rough equivalent of kosher.

                    2. Mezze, ????? if it's still open.

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                        Messe was not Halal. Veggie Grill would work.

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                            I think they have the same name but there's one in Culver City with the same name or maybe I mis-spelled.]

                            Calling out bulvainka who unearthed the joint.

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                              The place in Culver City was called Mezza and closed when they tore down the building to renovate. apparently they reopened in Cerritos.

                              11435 South Street
                              Cerritos, CA 90703

                              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                Awesome. thanks for the update Matt.

                                Great to know.

                                By renovating, I think it was probably sold and it's going to be a mixed used condo complex anchored by another Chase bank or something of that ilk and a wine bar.

                                The wine bar part might not be so bad.

                                Have you hit up the reopened location in Cerritos yet ????

                                And did you ever try it while it was still in Culver City ?????????

                        1. Hopefully, OP found something in 2007...but if anyone is looking today, go to Zam Zam Market in Culver City.