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ISO: curry ketchup

I know somebody who used to live in Germany who swears by it. Anyone knows where I can get some?

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  1. I used to live in Germany and was addicted to it, would be interested in finding it too....

    1. I saw it in Denningers in Burlington on Monday. Denningers also has a few locations around Hamilton and Oakville. http://www.denningers.com/

      If you don't want to go that far west call Brandts in Mississauga. I don't remember seeing it there, but I wasn't looking. If anyone in the Toronto area has it, they will. There also used to a german food store, Food Depot International, next to European Meats on Jutland in Etobicoke--haven't been there for a year, but I assume it's still there.

      1. I saw an article about the stuff in Saveur a while back. Wondered why I hadn't thought to mix the two before. I couldn't wait to source the stuff, so I just mixed ketchup with some curry powder and it was delish.. honestly can't see how much different the store-bought stuff would be.

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          Some of the Maggi products, widely available at Indian groceries, might hit the spot, particularly Maggi Hot & Sweet or the Masala Chili sauce - I use them instead of ketchup.

        2. I have picked up a bottle of Burkhardt's Curry Ketchup at Bruno's Meats in Pickering.

          A friend of mine in Burlington had a bottle of Ketchup Gevurst (or something along those lines) that was heavenly. It must be available out there somewhere. :)

          1. I used to live in Oakville, now back in the states, and honestly, I used to buy it at the super cheap yellow grocery store there. They had it all over Oakville, and now I can't get it!!

            Very sad...

            1. Dutch Toko, a Dutch grocery/gift shop in downtown Guelph, sells it. I recall seeing several brands.

              1. Sadly, after two years, I still haven't gotten my hands on a bottle of this.

                I don't usually go to Oakville or Guelph, but I'll make a point to check the stores there when I do. Thanks!

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                  I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Denninger's in Hamilton.

                2. Resurrecting this thread because I've suddenly been struck with a strong craving for currywurst, or at the very least some curry ketchup. Any sightings in Toronto, preferably TTC-accessible?

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                    Nope - your best bet is a trip to Dennigers in Oakville or Hamilton. Perhaps Pusateri's might have some - or the Euro grocer at Dufferin and Steeles?

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                      I normally bring some curry ketchup with me from Germany, so I haven't bought any here in a while. Whole Foods used to carry an organic version which was quite good.

                      Most Germans I know use Hela brand but I am positive you cannot get that anywhere in North America - I wrote their head office because it's my favourite...

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                        Have some Hela curry ketchup in the fridge right now. Purchased at Denningers in Hamilton. Not much help for those in TO however.

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                          They lied to me! ;-) That's good to know, thanks.

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                          Actually, you absolutely can get it in North America. I used to but it from a German supermarket in Edmonton called K&K, which is an excellent place. I have not found anything close to as good in TO. Just because a product is not 'officially' available here does not mean stores do not have their own importation channels. Where there is demand, there is always supply.

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                            Brandt meats in mississauga carries the HELA products including the curry ketchup.


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                            I have never heard of this product but there are a few shops in the St. Lawrence Market that are worth checking out. Scheffler's might carry it or, in the basement, either the condiment store or the bulk/international food store.

                            A few other places that might stock it are:

                            Reither's Fine Foods
                            530 Church Street

                            Hugo's Meat Market & Deli
                            743 The Queensway
                            (416) 259-2992.

                            Food Depot International (Etobicoke)

                            A little harder to get to without a car, but may be your best bet:
                            Brandt Meats (in Mississauga)
                            (905) 279-4460

                            Also in Mississauga, Starsky's has a wide range of Eastern European products and some German items.

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                              Totally forgot about Reither's! Gave them a call and they do indeed have some Burkhardt curry ketchup in stock. The store is also conveniently located right downtown so thanks for saving me a bit of a commute, toveggiegirl.

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                                That's great! I thought they might And it is such a randomly located store; it's easy to forget about it. I love condiments, I think I may have to go snag some for myself.

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                                  That's too bad. I didn't know. Thanks for pointing that out.

                            2. uh I read something in another article about a resturant having curry ketchup. i'm pretty sure if u ask them about their supplier they would be happy to let u know about it. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/689206 Resturant is called Q&B hope that helps ya.

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                                I'm pretty sure the The Queen and Beaver makes their own, at least I hope they do.

                              2. Actually, there's a little German bakery/deli near the corner of Danforth and Main that stocks it. I prefer the Dutch version. Gouda's Glorie is the easiest to find. I'll report back when I find out the name of the place, which temporarily eludes me. Ant deli or shop with Dutch or German products would have it, though. I'll keep my eyes open for more.

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                                  Is it Grumble's, on the west side of Main, just south of Danforth? I would LOVE to get some curry ketchup--I used to get mine (can't recall the brand, but would swear it actually WAS Hela) from Deninger's in Burlington, but to have a source in Toronto would be divine.

                                  And to answer NovoCuisine from two years ago (<lol>), the pre-fab product is quite different from mixing tomato ketchup with curry powder: it's sweeter, and has a more viscous texture. Normally, I'd think that's gross, but somehow it works.

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                                    FYI, Grumble's does NOT carry curry ketchup (went in today and asked). They do carry ketchup manis (apparently popular in Holland) so maybe that's what you saw?

                                    Interestingly, Grumbles is worth a visit: if you're hankering for a turkey, ham or *HAGGIS* sandwich (!!!!) they can hook you up.

                                  2. I'm just curious - would simply adding curry powder to your favourite ketchup produce the desired result, or is this "curry ketchup" of which you speak an entirely different and unique animal? I ask as one who has no experience with said product.

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                                    1. re: redearth

                                      Yeah, that's the place. I noticed they had some in stock when I poked my head in there. Can't recall which brand. Maybe I'll drop by tomorrow.
                                      Redearth, it is entirely different. Mixing curry powder and ketchup would get you curry flavoured ketchup, but it would not get you Curry gewurz. It is something entirely different.
                                      I tried several brands when I was living in Amsterdam, including Hela and Gouda's Glorie, but my favourite, strangely enough, was made by Heinz. I have never seen it outside Holland. it was hard to find even in Amsterdam. I think only the Super De Boer chain stocked it.. My other favourite came as part of my number one guilty pleasure, Vlaamse Frites Speciaal, or double cooked fries topped with fritesaus (mayo), curry gewurz and chopped onion. Yummers! The best one was in Haarlem, but I never found out which brand they used.

                                      1. re: munchieHK

                                        Regular tomato ketchup is made with tomato paste. Curry ketchup is made with juice (Hela's has tomato juice, but I've had some that have combinations of tomato and orange or apple) simmered with sugar, vinegar and lots of spices. It's very sweet and spicy.

                                        Gewurz is actually just the German word for spice.

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                                            Wow, awesome site! Thanks.
                                            Any idea on just how much the customs charges are? The disclaimer on the website has be a bit wary: "Additional fees pertaining to brokers, document preparation, bonding, and Canadian Customs may be charged after the fact by the carrier and billed to you directly. These fees can sometimes cause your total S&H costs to be as much as (or even more than) the cost of the products you ordered."

                                            1. re: LTL

                                              That's definitely the case if they ship by UPS. UPS is notorious for exhorbitant brokerage fees.

                                    2. A little off topic.....but what type of sausage do you `currywursters' recommend for an authentic experience?

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                                        I love it with rookworst ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rookworst ). Good luck finding it here though!

                                        1. re: BeanerSchitzl

                                          There are local differences as to what kind of sausage is used. As far as I'm concerned, you could use any kind of pork sausage that can be grilled or roasted. Brats would work, as would polish sausage. I used Chorizo to make Currywurst a couple of days ago thanks to this thread... Yum.

                                        2. Picked some up today at Denninger's (sp?) in Burlington. They had Hela Spicy Curry (which isn't spicy) for $3.49, as well as Nowka for $6.89 (much larger bottle, haven't opened it yet).

                                          The woman who works there mentioned they have many more varieties as summer (i.e. BBQ season) approaches.

                                          1. I fell in love with Hela Curry Gewurz Ketchup on my first trip to Germany back in 1987. I've had it a few more times over the years when I've gone back to Europe. I had actually forgotten about it until a friend of mine went to Germany and asked me about things to eat. I couldn't believe I had forgotten about this wonderful condiment. I am happy to see that Amazon actually has it available. Shipping is a bit steep but it is better than the cost of a plane ticket. I am hoping my friend brings some back for me, after he has some and falls in love. I usually had this ketchup with a grilled bratwurst from a sausage cart. They would give you a grilled sausage on a little rectangular paper plate with a half a slice of bread and I would squeeze a half a gallon of curry ketchup on my plate. I need to order some and grill some bratwurst!

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                                              yes it is great stuff i use it on everthing, if you checked the previous posts you would see that you can get it from Brandt Meats in mississauga, a lot cheaper than amazon im sure.

                                              Brandt Meats
                                              1878 Mattawa Ave, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA