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Nov 29, 2007 10:42 PM

reasonable café in/near Koreatown where one can study?

Hi. Does anyone know of a fairly quiet, inexpensive café in or near Koreatown where (assuming one purchases something) one can sit for a couple of hours?

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be meeting with a student who needs to make up an in-class writing assignment. We'll each buy something (coffee or snacks) but will then need to stay in the café for around two hours.


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  1. Any thoughts? In the Fairfax area, there's the Insomnia cafe, though I think they may have loud music, and there used to be something on Melrose a few blocks east of La Brea with "cup" in the name.
    In Echo Park and Silver Lake, there are the Downbeat café, Café Tropical, the Coffee Table, etc.

    In Westwood and Santa Monica, there's the Novel, and there are some Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs where people study.

    But I don't know about good studying cafés in or nearer Koreatown. Any help is appreciated!

    1. the only cafe I've been to recently is Cafe Americano on the NWC Wilshire & Wilton. It's main draw for me was free wifi. It's small so seating is limited.

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        Thanks! That may just do the trick.

      2. On the eastside of Western north of Sixth St. (1-1/2 blocks north of WIlshire), there is a small place that I do not recall the name, It has a sign out front asking people to study there (it has wifi). It is a little south of CafeJack. Cafe Jack is set back a little from Western and looks like a small ship ran aground in a parking lot.

        1. Almost all of the Korean coffee houses will let you sit for hours uninterrupted if you order something. One is Cafe Mac on Shatto, north of Whilshire. Another is I Love Boba on Western, but there are literally dozens.

          1. Shim Books and Cafe - it's on sixth street near hoover, next to the Southwestern school of law. That's my favorite place because it's well-lit, quiet, the music is mellow and you will find others who are studying hanging out. A lot of students go there.