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Favorite Chocolate Dessert

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Whats your go-to dessert when you need to sooth your chocolate craving?

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  1. Anything with good dark chocolate and butter does it for me. I especially love the Two Fat Ladies' Adult Chocolate Cake. Here's a paraphrased version of the recipe:


    A recent love is these salted chocolate Korova cookies - they are so rich that one is (almost) enough.



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      I love those Fat Ladies. That recipe is awesome!

    2. Nigella's molten chocolate babycakes.
      (Posted about a lot on this board, recipe is on her site. Easy, delicious, all about the chocolate)

      1. Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse does it for me. I have made it since I was a teen and haven't found a better recipe. I go for adding Grand Marnier, giving it that little orange zip.

        Recipe here:


        1. Brownies! Preferably fudgy ones with toasted nuts. I've grown really fond of the King Arthur Flour brownie recipes that use cocoa and no melted chocolate.

            1. For me, there's no substitute for just having some good dark chocolate on its own.