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Nov 29, 2007 09:53 PM

Pies for Birthday Party

We have a friend celebrating her 40th birthday and she wants pies this year, instead of cake. Her favorites are apple, blueberry and lemon meringue. Any suggestions on the best places to buy these pies in Los Angeles?


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  1. Honestly, my favorite apple pie is from Costco.

    Al Gelato has great apple and lemon meringue.

    Bake and Broil and Pie'n'Burger are both good options too.

    Clementine and Susina both make great pies.

    1. Pie N Burger or Russell's. Russell's has some of the highest meringue I have ever seen.

      1. I actually really like to apple pie at Langer's. Bake and Broil is also a solid choice and they've got quite a variety to choose from.

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          If Bake N Broil is out of the pies you want, you can also go across the street to Polly's or up Atlantic to Hof's. Sort of a little pie heaven around here. We also had a Russell's at one point in time.

        2. Thanks for the choices. We'll check them all out.

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            Thee's Pies in the Fairfax Farmers Market