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Any good Chinese restaurants in SF. Valley?

tried A&W's on reseda AND on san fernando. they don't rock my world.
i love dim sum, but are these two my only choices here in the valley?
just want some good chinese food already!

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  1. Sorry, the answer is no. Dim sum at A&W is awful. Suck it up and drive to the San Gabriel Valley. It's worth the drive.

    The only places that I might remotely consider eating Chinese food at in the Valley are Sam Woo and sometimes Hong Kong Seafood in Woodland Hills but only when I'm pretty desperate.

    There are a bunch of non-authentic stuff (i.e. sweet and sour pork and slippery shrimp) with "fusion" dishes, but no authentic stuff.

    1. I like Mandarin Deli for their spicy beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes etc.

      Mandarin Deli
      9305 Reseda Blvd.
      Northridge, CA 91324

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        Yes, I forgot. Mandarin Deli is pretty decent but still not as good as the SGV stuff. However, no dim sum here.

        1. re: sel

          haven't tried mandarin deli, but i've passed by it many times. anything else good here?

          1. re: fatnoodles

            Beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes and potstickers are the must gets.

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              Mandarin Deli is good for the Beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes and potstickers as WHills said, but there really isnt ANYTHING else in the SFV , I can make my usual trek to Mei Long Village in the SGV in about 20 mins from Mission Hills. it is worth the drive trust me.

          2. No Dim Sum besides A&W.

            Edible chinese can be had in some dishes at Yang Chow, lots of the Dishes at Vegetarian Delight, Some dishes at Hong Kong 88 and Sushi (very odd, I know) , Sam Woo BBQ The 99 Ranch amarkt cold shelves and Deli and that's about it.

            1. BBQ Unlimited on Sherman Way near Coldwater (in same center as Sanamluang and Bangluck Market). I used to live on the duck noodle won ton soup. Food is decent. I haven't eaten there in awhile, but it was always pretty consistent and the most authentic place in the valley, IMHO.

              1. Did you go to the one on Reseda and Prairie or on Reseda and Sherman Way? The one on Prairie is bigger, and has higher turnover I think.

                What kind of chinese food (region, dishes) are you looking for? What restaurants do you like? That might give us a better idea of what you're looking for.

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                  prairie. it's dirty...

                  i like mandarin and schezwan. when i used to live in the westside, we went to Hop Li's quite a bit. looking for equivalent or even settle 4 slightly less tasty.

                  1. re: fatnoodles

                    Real Chinese places are seldom sparkling clean.

                    Yang Chow (the one in the Valley is better than the one in Chinatown, but they're really only known for their slippery shrimp and their vegetables).

                    BBQ Unlimited has a very limited selection of dim sum.

                    Honestly, if you're east of the 405, it's a quick drive to the SGV for much, much better food.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      thanks! will have to try the slippery shrimp at Yang Chow.

                2. I endorse China Lites for good, East Coast-style Chinese Food. It ain't the SGV, but the kung pao is authentic (no frickin' zuchini or sweet sauce!) and the hot and sour soup is good. on laurel canyone at chandler in studio city / valley village.

                  1. Nobody would give Bamboo (on ventura next to cafe bizou) in Sherman Oaks a nod? They don't serve dim sum, and I don't love all of their dishes, but it's been the best I have had in the valley by far.

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                    1. re: foodnmusic

                      Bamboo uses waaaaay too much cornstarch in their dishes, making them lack the zing in flavor that the basic ingredients should taste like when mixed together.
                      I personally like most of the seafood and vegetarian items at Kung Pao in Studio City(not Sherman Oaks), as well as their soups, lamb dishes, mango chicken, etc. Forget the appetizers, and orange chicken- not my thing, yet still....

                      1. re: carter

                        Hi Carter. Disagree old buddy. Prefer Bamboo although the food at Kung Pao Bistro is good. I also like the fact that you can order half orders at Kung Pao Bistro. The minced chicken in lettuce leaves and the Mu shui pork, beef or chicken are far better at Bamboo. My daughter will vouch that they make the best beef chow mein with no veges compared to any other place. Carter, you can pick on me but don't pick on my daughter. Hope to see you soon.

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                          By the way, what wines are you pouring with your Chinese foods these days? Found a winery in Central Coast called Claiborne and Churchill that make great dry Alsatian wines. Goes really good with Chinese food. As does their Pinot Noir (on the lighter side).

                          1. re: Hughlipton

                            Shaoxing? Just kidding... honestly, it never occurs to me to drink wine with "standard" Chinese food -- when I'm eating something sweet, I want a chrysanthemum tea to cut the sweetness, and when I'm eating something deep or smoky, I drink tiet kwun yum tea.

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                              About eight years ago my friend Martin Petersil who was one of the owners of the Flask Liquor in Studio city would do wine tastings at the Sportsman's Lodge. After the wine tasting we would take the left overs and go to Bamboo (about 8 or 10 people) and found that many wines go well with the taste of Chinese food. I've tasted Shaxoing and confine it solely to cooking purposes at this point of my life. If I want Sherry i know the good ones. I still wouldn't drink Sherry with Chinese food not even a dry one. Tea is free but liquor is quicker.

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                          I have enjoyed Bamboo. Overall their dishes are good, I like their black bean chicken chow fun. Ingredients are fresh and its a nice atmosphere.

                        3. I like Bamboo Forest, on Burbank just east of Kester in Sherman Oaks.

                          Little hole in the wall, neighborhood joint that's been there forever. Fantastic mu-shu, orange chicken (the BEST anywhere, except for chinatown) or orange shrimp, kung pao, plus lots of other favorites. Anything on their specials board will be tasty, also.

                          Ask for George, the manager, he'll take care of you. Tell him Greg sent you.

                          1. edible: uncle chen's in encino on ventura blvd.
                            don't get your hopes up - but it can be okay

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