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Nov 29, 2007 08:54 PM

(HOU) Whatever happened to...

Over the years several good small speciality places have closed. Many of them said they'd reopen else where. If they did, I missed it. So does any one know of any "rebirths " or whatever happened to...

Jacob's Deli ( Greenway plaza area)
Lido's Vietnamese (downtown)
Naturally Yours Soul Food (museum area)
Alfredo's German fast food (Montrose just above Westheimer)
the little place near Beck's Prime on Kirby that served an inexpensive ribeye lunch

sentimentally yours..GlobalFoodie

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  1. I wonder too. I was a regular at both Lido's and Naturally Yours. I ran into one of the family members of Lido. The parents were going to Vietnam and would be back. Both the children (remember the son and daughter ran the cash register/waited tables) stayed in Houston.

    I also wonder about Tien Ren (formerly the Wonderful Vegetarian). This was one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants. They closed this past January.

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      1. Alfredo's is now BB's. it's a small casual "cajun fusion" eatery that is open late night. went there last weekend. the po-boys are tasty. i had the first item on the menu under mains. it was a beef dish in a thick roux based gravy with grits. it was good, but could be improved. also, had the fries with gravy (i'll pass on that next time) and some sort of brochette -- chicken, maybe? (sorry, i came after a full night of drinking so my memory is faint about specifics) anyway, the brochette was delicious. prices are a bit high for a place like this.