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Nov 29, 2007 08:22 PM

Does anyone know what this powder is called?

So I have this powder seasoning thing that tastes a bit like Chinese salted dried plums. My cousin said it is used in Hawaii and in Japan but I really have no clue what it is called in English. Could someone please help me name this sour sweet powder? (I sprinkled some on sour candies and it was amazing by the way) I have enclosed a picture.

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  1. Here's the picture:

    1. Is that dark purple ? maybe 'shiso' ?

      there is salted dried plum flavor powder call 'shiso' or 'yukari'
      It is sprinkle on white rice & mix let it sit muniuite or so.
      usually call ' yukari gohan' which mean ' yukari rice'

      there are so many different kind of rice seasoning ( call furikake) in japan.

      shiso or yukari is very traditional flavor.

      package suggested sprinkle seasoning on boiled pasta or soup.

      I hope this is what you wanted know.

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      1. re: ymushi

        may be not !
        picture looks like pinkish ?

      2. Li Hing powder.

        You can find it in bags on Internet sites for Hawaiian stores featuring Asian snack foods. The Crack Seed store used to be a favorite of mine, but I don't think they do mail order any more.

        Love that stuff, it has the power to make me salivate just by sight or smell or even thought alone.

        1. Oh, it's not Japanese. I've seen it in Vietnam-- it's chili salt w/ a little bit of sugar, if it is what I think it is. In Vietnam, they sprinkled it over pinapples and other really sweet fruits, and really brought out the flavor of the fruit. I looked all over Vietnam looking for a version that doesn't have msg in it! It's definintely not shiso, which is more purplish and wouldn't taste sweet.

          1. it could be powdered umboshi (sp?) plums, a japanese pickled plum