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Nov 29, 2007 07:45 PM

Favourite Olive Oils [Moved from Ontario board]

just wondering what's everyone's favourite olive oils are?

and if possible include favourites in different caterogries like;

- best high priced extra virgin olive oil (ie, the one you've tried but can't afford regularly)
- favourite budget priced/grocery store brand (ie, the one you use the most often)
- and whatever else you can think of...

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  1. My favourite is any kind of Arbequina extra verge from Catalunya -- it's just more flavourful than any other I've found. Montegrato is a reasonably-priced oil (about US$15 a litre for very high-quality oil), as is Mallafré (which I buy in Spain, where it's €3,50 a litre, don't know what it costs in the US or Canada or if it's even available).

    Edit: you can buy it online from (don't ask, I just Googled) at US$8 per 250 mL, plus shipping. Uff da!