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Nov 29, 2007 07:18 PM

Jewel Bako or Bond St. ?

Recos? I have a hankering for Chirashi but if people think omakase is the way to go, that is cool. Money isn't so much an issue as service and not being rushed. (will be a weeknight mid-week and relatively early evening)


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  1. Ate at the sushi bar in back of Bond St. Everyhting was FANTASTIC and the chef's were super fun. There was a hot dish with steamed cod and foie gras. Am I wrong? I was drinking but there was something to that effect and it was amazing. The sushi was definitely tops, can't speak on Jewel Bako. Somehow never made it there all these years.

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      cool. Have been to Jewel but not to Bond, so your post really helps.