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Nov 29, 2007 07:16 PM

Where are the SD bakeries?

I moved here from Chicago where neighborhood bakeries are just around the corner in most areas. It was easy to get fresh baked bread of all that i've moved here I usually just stick to the measly selection at Ralphs. :( I assume there are local bakeries, I just can't seem to locate them! Anything in the UTC / La Jolla / Hillcrest / PB area would be appreciated!

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  1. This thread is nearly a year old, but I don't believe you'll find the comments "dated":

    Basically, your best bets for bread in the areas specified would be Bread & Cie (Hillcrest) and Charlie's Breads in PB. You really ought to try Bread on Market, also, though it's in the Gaslamp area of downtown SD.

    1. If you are in El Cajon, Howard's on Broadway at 1st...

      My very first job was in a Polish corner bakery in Detrot (there were three within 5 blocks of my house) and I know what you mean. I have bought an excellent rye at Panera when I have *needed* to have it. Always fresh.

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        The closest Panera to UTC/PB/La Jolla is the Solana Beach one. Off the 5 and Lomas Santa Fe Drive, west of the freeway in the Staples complex. I think there's also one near Mira Mesa Blvd.

        Trader Joe's breads are not too bad, although they don't compare to the freshly baked stuff.

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          The one on Mira Mesa is at the 15.

          Whichever one, you can ask them which breads at what time will be hot. They all have a schedule.

          I do like getting the par baked ones from Trader Joe's, then can have them fesh at home. Thanks daantaat.

      2. I second the rec for Charlie's Bread in PB and Bread on Market (it's worth the trip to the Gaslamp).

        When I think bakery, I also think sweets and pastries along with bread. For good pastries, I really like Asian bakeries. There's some bread, but the finds are the buns, cakes, etc. Sorrento European Bakery in Mira Mesa's one of my favorites in the area. For a savory treat, try the pastries in the little cabinet right next to the cash register. It's a Vietnamese classic: a puff pastry "bun" with a little meatball of pork and spices in the middle. Their sweet treats are very good, too. The owner trained in Sweden, so they also offer princess cake. I've never tried it, but I'm very intrigued.

        1. ...and, if you are driving around anyhow, K sandwiches (at the southernmost end of Convoy at Mesa College Drive), makes fresh and filled croissants constantly for $1 each, ham and cheese croissants for $1.25 and baguettes and rolls. (and sandwiches and coffee, boba drinks, free wifi...)

          1. If you like Mexican baked goods (pan dulce, bolillo, etc) try PanaderĂ­a Lupita, at the corner of (somebody correct me if I'm wrong, please) C and Broadway.