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Where are the SD bakeries?

I moved here from Chicago where neighborhood bakeries are just around the corner in most areas. It was easy to get fresh baked bread of all types....now that i've moved here I usually just stick to the measly selection at Ralphs. :( I assume there are local bakeries, I just can't seem to locate them! Anything in the UTC / La Jolla / Hillcrest / PB area would be appreciated!

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  1. This thread is nearly a year old, but I don't believe you'll find the comments "dated":


    Basically, your best bets for bread in the areas specified would be Bread & Cie (Hillcrest) and Charlie's Breads in PB. You really ought to try Bread on Market, also, though it's in the Gaslamp area of downtown SD.

    1. If you are in El Cajon, Howard's on Broadway at 1st...

      My very first job was in a Polish corner bakery in Detrot (there were three within 5 blocks of my house) and I know what you mean. I have bought an excellent rye at Panera when I have *needed* to have it. Always fresh.

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        The closest Panera to UTC/PB/La Jolla is the Solana Beach one. Off the 5 and Lomas Santa Fe Drive, west of the freeway in the Staples complex. I think there's also one near Mira Mesa Blvd.

        Trader Joe's breads are not too bad, although they don't compare to the freshly baked stuff.

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          The one on Mira Mesa is at the 15.

          Whichever one, you can ask them which breads at what time will be hot. They all have a schedule.

          I do like getting the par baked ones from Trader Joe's, then can have them fesh at home. Thanks daantaat.

      2. I second the rec for Charlie's Bread in PB and Bread on Market (it's worth the trip to the Gaslamp).

        When I think bakery, I also think sweets and pastries along with bread. For good pastries, I really like Asian bakeries. There's some bread, but the finds are the buns, cakes, etc. Sorrento European Bakery in Mira Mesa's one of my favorites in the area. For a savory treat, try the pastries in the little cabinet right next to the cash register. It's a Vietnamese classic: a puff pastry "bun" with a little meatball of pork and spices in the middle. Their sweet treats are very good, too. The owner trained in Sweden, so they also offer princess cake. I've never tried it, but I'm very intrigued.

        1. ...and, if you are driving around anyhow, K sandwiches (at the southernmost end of Convoy at Mesa College Drive), makes fresh and filled croissants constantly for $1 each, ham and cheese croissants for $1.25 and baguettes and rolls. (and sandwiches and coffee, boba drinks, free wifi...)

          1. If you like Mexican baked goods (pan dulce, bolillo, etc) try Panadería Lupita, at the corner of (somebody correct me if I'm wrong, please) C and Broadway.

            Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

            1. If you also include the Convoy St. area (which is between UTC/La Jolla and Hillcrest off the 805, exit Balboa) there's a nice pastry shop next to Nijiya supermarket called Sage French Cake. They make beautiful and competitively priced cakes and desserts like tiramisu and strawberry cream cake that aren't as sweet as Extraordinary Desserts', and serve tea and coffee, etc. In the same neighborhood, Zion Supermarket has a bakery inside that makes several items really well. I haven't tried most of it, but some of my favorites are the cakes cut in huge triangular slabs like they do in France, huge scones with raisins and chestnuts, puff pastry in various forms, and ready to eat french toast. They're reasonably priced generous servings. Be sure to pay at the bakery counter, not the grocery's register.

              As for somewhat pricey but worth it artisan style breads, you've already had many good suggestions I'd second, namely Bread and Cie.

              Zion Marketplace
              4611 Mercury St, San Diego, CA

              Sage French Cake
              3860 Convoy St, San Diego, CA

              1. Stopped by Charlie's Best Bread today for challah and had the opportunity to sample a slice of their Black Olive Bread. Excellent with pungent flavor. My BF tried the Pumpkin Walnut and thought it would make a great bread for French toast. Also, try their Oregon Herb bread or dinner rolls. Amazing stuff.

                1. Saluanto on India Street, In Little Italy

                  Bread and Cie in Hillcrest.

                  both offer fresh bread. Bread and Cie offers a pretty large variety.

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                    Not sure about pastries, especially italian cookies, at Saluanto or any place in Little Italy. Prices are outrageous and geared to the tourist. I do like bread & cie, excelllent quality.

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                      Par baked breads at Solunto:
                      $2.20 (1 lb),
                      large rolls are $8.50/dozen or 75¢ each
                      frenchettes are $4/doz or 35¢ each.

                      and you can buy dough for $2.75/lb

                      Baked breads:
                      1lb ciabatta $2.50
                      2 lb bread $4.50
                      Seminola 1 lb $2.60
                      baguettes $1.60
                      panini $6.80/doz or 65¢ each

                      Butter cookies $13.95/lb
                      Italian cookies $14.95
                      Pignole $18.95
                      Macaroons $16.95
                      fig cookies (when avail) $17.95

                      canolli $1.59 and $2.75
                      napoleans, baba rum, eclairs,cream puff are $2.75 each. Sfogatelli are $2.95
                      Sfingi (when avail are 25¢ each or 5/$1
                      turnovers $2.95,
                      cinnamon rolls 95¢
                      caks are per slice only and $4.75 per

                      not priced like a LOT of other places mentioned above. It IS a "local" bakery and people DO live dowtown.

                      They sell pizza and calzones and sandwiches and breakfasts. The breakfast to me is not particularly cost effective, as are most breakfasts, anywhere, but ALL of the rest is. Do not call Solunto a Tourist Trap. As far as what I buy, Solunto has better prices than B&C.

                      The OP was looking for bakeries in a certain area of town. The OP was talking about local bakeries, which are on just about every corner back East. Solunto very much fits that bill. It is Italian and not Polish, as I am used to.

                  2. About 20 minutes north of UTC in Del Mar, there's a bakery called Village Mill off Lomas Santa Fe on El Camino Real. Everything there is great. Their Pioneer rolls are awesome, as are their breakfast pastries. They also do a fruitcake this time of year that will make you understand why this food item exists.


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                      Cathy, appreciate the feed back, to my point, I can handle the bread but IMO the cookie prices are outrageous.

                      1. re: treb

                        Kind of comparable to the single cookie prices elsewhere...plus some of the unusual ones are kind of worth it, for special treats...You can't find fig much anywhere...and the ones with orange peel are delightful...the butter ones..well, they are fresh...but I suppose you can find fresh ones elsewhere.

                        Eh, I am not a "sweets" person, so one cookie keeps me satisfied...kind of like at See's- I get a Scotch Kiss. One. Then I give the freebie to whomever is with me. I like the saltiness of the butterscotch and the marshmallow is way more than enough for me for a very long time.

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                          A pound is quite a few cookies - most are priced by the dozen, and at other bakeries - B&C notable among them - you won't find any cookies for less than 1 or 2 dollars apiece.

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                            I've been going to Solunto's since I was five or six (or younger) . .it's always been a place for locals. Remember that "Little Italy" really was a neighborhood with real Italians during San Diego's fishing days. Solunto's has been there for as long as there's been a Little Italy. And virtually every place on the block uses their bread.

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                            That map on yelp has got it wrong. They put that bakery in a residential part of RSF, and I really doubt it is there. Never heard of the place but maybe it is down in carmel valley perhaps?

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                              It's in a shopping center in Del Mar, next to Jimbo's.

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                                I second (third?) the rec. for Village Mill. If you take Del Mar Heights east off the 5 and turn right on El Camino, you will see the mall. Excellent breads (my office always begs for me to bring in the Italian Parm. bread, which I find a bit salty but they adore), the challah is quite good and they also have really good scones, cinnamon rolls and the like. Mmmm.

                          3. For Mexican rolls, I like Panchita's bakery at 25th and C (with a smaller shop on Cesar Chavez boulevard, about a block away from being under the Coronado bridge).

                            For the most wonderful French Baguette EVER, there is a relatively new place in Oceanside at the corner of College and Oceanside Blvd called Le Rendez-Vouz
                            They had some melt-in-your-mouth cream puffs and croissants too. I can't wait to get back up there!

                            1. Bread & Cie is hard to beat for artisan breads.....a "must try" guaranteed to become a regular.

                              Extraordinary Deserts on 5th and Quince for decadant deserts, only deserts

                              1. All the bakeries mentioned are excellent and I won't repeat, but rather add onto the list of great bakeries:

                                Con Pane (in Point Loma) - they have a great selection of daily breads and I LOVE their scones! Best I've found in San Diego!

                                Opera Patisserie (Downtown cafe closed, but will be opening new boutique in Feb in Mira Mesa) - best crossiants and macaroons!

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                                  In PB, I've always gone to the French Gourmet. There selection isn't as vast or original as Charlie's Best Breads, but I can't always stomach the $5+ prices on a loaf of bread...
                                  Although, I have to agree with Sarsa - "Bread & Cie is hard to beat for artisan breads".

                                2. I am with you, I have yet to find breads with similar taste and texture as those sold all over New York. Saluntos in Little Italy is sort of close, but their focus seems to be on cookies and pastries. Bread and Cie is really good but still doesn't have hard rolls and Italian loves like New York. Weird.