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Nov 29, 2007 06:56 PM

WeHo Morton's - Steak or Salmon?

Morton's will be hosting our holiday office party and I've never eaten there. Should I get the filet mignon or the grilled salmon? I eat a lot of salmon and the steak would be my only steak of the year, but I was certainly disappointed with the steak I had last year at Lucques.

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  1. steak is the only thing they do well there

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    1. I am assuming that you mean Arnie Morton's in Beverly Hills because the only Morton's (Peter Morton's) in WeHo closed quite a while back. And if that is the case then we have had their filet a few times and it has always been outstanding. I keep meaning to try their rib eye, but somehow haven't pulled the trigger on that cut yet.

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        No, I mean the Morton's on Melrose at Robertson. I heard it will be closing later in December.

        1. re: Dogbite Williams

          They closed and then they reopened only to be closing again? Now I am getting dizzy.

          Update: Guess they never did close (although all the reports were that they did) and are officially, finally closing their doors in Dec. as you said. Now I can't give you any steak advice since I had fish and chicken there the two times we went. And I can't really recall what either one was like.

          Hope you will report back on what you have and how you like it.