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Nov 29, 2007 06:49 PM

duplex - minneapolis

hit or miss? any votes?

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  1. For a date night, my wife and I like it very much. Food has never been disappointing (pork loin was terrific, mussles were fresh) and the wine list is small and fairly priced.

    1. I agree with Foureyes - it's a great place for date night. Food is pretty good and the atmosphere laid back. I wouldn't call it the best food in the cities (or even Uptown necessarily), but definitely a cozy enjoyable place.

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      1. re: bob s

        thanks.. menu looks kinda interesting (sort of unique combos).. trying to decide where to go tonight to use up my last day of MPR B1G1 free ;)

        broders (may be buco busy on a fri.. i like it there, but have been there enough times that it's not a unique experience)

        da afghan (love the food, but having turkish on tues)

        herkimer (funny menu+good HH)

        or duplex (dont even know what it looks like on the outside, so a bit of an adventure)

        1. re: reannd

          It looks like...well, a duplex. It is next to another duplex that houses Namaste Cafe. You may drive right by it if you're looking for a storefront.

          1. re: Foureyes137

            ah, i did have the address, but knowing its next door to namaste helps a ton. i've totally seen that sign =) thanks!

            1. re: reannd

              k we did it! you guys are right - nice place. very classy meal for $12.99 pp (plus buy 1 get one free..heh). servers were lovely, too. =)

              i had black barley risotto.. had some grapes & carrots and chicken in it.. nice, light, tasty. could have used more oomph (to me i add balsamic to pretty much everything of that type), but it sure tasted good. husband had the gnocchi. nothing like the gnocchis ive seen around town, but really good. probably had like 6 whole blanched tomatoes around it, plus whole cloves of roasted garlic and huge chunks of mozz. sure was pretty. .. but again, i would have added some sour =)

      2. While it is less than half a mile from my house, I have only been once. The meal we had was bordering on awful. One dish was so overly salted it was almost inedible. And the other dish suffered from what seemed like frozen vegetables -- and not good frozen ones like Green Giant, but second tier ones. The space itself is cozy and inviting and price points are attractive but we found the executuion pretty bad.

        1. The Potato Gnocchi was ok (The Mozzarella didn't taste fresh)...we've had way better ones at Arezzo, 112 Eatery, and La Grolla. The Mushroom Risotto is awful. It is described as having big chunks of mushrooms but we actually had to look for the mushrooms and found a few. Regardless, the dish had no mushroom flavor whatsoever. It tasted like a mush of risotto, carrots, and peas.

          Our recommendation – skip dinner and go to Duplex for late night drinks and a nice night of people watching

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          1. re: MSP Foodies

            i liked the everything 'bout the risotto except for the chicken.. too salty. wish it had a sour punch to it, but i thought the texture was right on (husband described mine as almost crispy) ? guess we all have our own preference =)

          2. We went to Duplex this weekend. We got the nosh plate which was interesting. The cheeses could've been more adventurous but there was some items on there that made up for it. A pate type thing mixed with golden raisins and a mushroom thing that I can't explain. Is Charcuiterie (SP?) an appropriate description?

            For our en trees I got the ravioli from the recommendation of the waitress. The pasta was done perfectly and I enjoyed the squash filling. The sauce was quite good though rich. I'd prefer a half portion as a side to something else. The other entree was a salad of chicken, apples, hazelnuts and greens. I didn't love this and it was quite salty according to my SO. Seems to be a bit of a trend there. Too much salt. All and all it was a fun night out. I'd go again but it has not made the top of my list. I have several other restaurants I'd like to try before I go back to the Duplex.

            Special points for having Hoogarteen (SP) on tap as well as Boddington's. Good place for happy hour if you like those beers.