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Nov 29, 2007 06:28 PM

Best Late Night Dining

I'm going to post my top 3, which shouldn't be surprising, but I'm wondering what other people think are good late night dining destinations. I'll define late night as being open 1am or later. Also, food carts and trucks don't count.

1. Blue Ribbon
2. Momofuku Ssam Bar
3. Landmarc

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  1. Here are two:

    NY Noodletown, Bowery/Bayard: Cantonese, way better than you might expect, till 4 am.

    Gam Mee Ok, 32 St near Broadway: sul long tang (long-cooked beef soup) and other Korean, 24/7

    Gahm Mi Oak
    43 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

    Great New York Noodletown
    28 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

    1. I've been to all 3, albeit only at Blue Ribbon for what I would consider to be late night. All 3 are good dining destination at any time.

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      1. re: RCC

        I've been to Blue Ribbon after 1am, I would have thought it was 8pm, the room was full. Nice atmosphere, great food.

      2. employees only
        b flat
        stanton social
        ditch plains (only open until 2)
        thor (only thurs-sat)
        back in the good old days...mas

        1. schiller's, esp if you've had a few drinks

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          1. re: toostoo

            i had dinner at schiller's this friday after midnight. it was totally loud and chaotic. fun mind you, but i was still a little surprised. some drunk lady from st louis sat at our booth for 10 minutes showing us her jewelery and spilling the contents of her handbag on the floor.

          2. fatty crab
            balthazar (1am weekdays, 2am on the weekend; the tourists have mostly left by midnight)
            spotted pig

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            1. re: shane

              Korean Food in general, Momofuku, or Blue Ribbon..