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Nov 29, 2007 06:21 PM

Help me choose: Crispo or Roberto Passon or Bianca on Bleecker Street?

Which one should I choose for a simple Friday dinner with my husband and parents, and why?

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  1. Depends on what you are looking for.
    I am a big Crispo fan -- having said that, it can be very noisy on weekends. If you don't mind that, the food is really quite fine.
    Roberto Passon is a place that I have not yet been to but have a reservation for on Christmas week. I have a feeling it will be a bit quieter than Crispo.

    1. Of the three, I've only been to Roberto Passon. The food is very good. It's an extremely popular pre-theater destination, so, now that the strike is over, for a more leisurely feel that avoids the "rush and crush," I suggest you make a reservation for around 8 p.m.

      One addtional caveat. Servers recite the specials without providing prices, so if any of them appeals to you, be sure to ask the cost; otherwise, you risk major sticker shock when you are presented with the bill.

      1. bianca all the way! crispo is good and a little more complicated dishes then bianca, however bianca simpler dishes always win us over. dont miss the flash fried parsley and artichoke appetizer, as well as the fennel and artichoke salad. the fish specials and the salmon are always amazing as well.

        note! bianca is a tiny place, go early or late. the tables are very close together, but thats part of the charm..

        1. Never been to Passon. I'd choose Crispo over Bianca, though, because I've just found the food there consistently better.

          1. Our couple of dinners at Crispo are many times better than the one that we had at Roberto Passon recently. While we found the the dishes to be un-inspired and very ordinary, plus the wine list very boring and un-imaginative, at Roberto Passon; the dishes at Crispo are more hearty, rustic and relatively well executed, in addition, the wines are more than decent.

            My suggestion, obviously, is to go with Crispo, as many in this board would point you to.