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Nov 29, 2007 05:45 PM

Restaurants in Kennebunk or Biddeford?

We're going to the Kennebunkport Prelude this weekend and will be looking for a place to have dinner after we leave the festivities Saturday evening. Last year, we decided to eat in Kennebunkport and the waits were very long (we ended up at Hurricane). This year, we'll probably do lunch in Wells or Ogunquit just before hitting the Prelude, and will stay until mid-evening or so.

Any thoughts on decent places in Kennebunk or Biddeford? We didn't have much luck finding good places in Wells last year, but if anyone has any good ideas for Wells, that might work, too. We'll be dressed down, so casual would be best, but we definitely want to go somewhere comfortable (no takeout or sub shops).


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  1. I have a place you should take a look at. ( Its in wells but just as you merge from 1A into Rt 1. Accross the street from the Maine Dinner. Or just up the road headed into Wells theres a place called Litchfields Restaurant ( I've eaten at Litchfields a few times and found it to be good. Hope this helps . Earle CT.

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      Joshua's one Route 1 in Wells is very nice, a bit upperscale but not in the least bit "fussy"... no lunch, only dinner.
      Billy's Chowderhouse on Mile Road in Wells will be closed starting the 7th of December. (So, it will be open for almost all of Prelude.) Typical seafood joint, a fun place with friendly service.. we eat in the bar which has pretty views of the salt marsh. There are also tables around the perimeter if don't want to sit up on stools. They have amazing onion rings!!

    2. Hi.... I second Joshua's.... it's the best around. If you're in Ogunquit go to the front porch....very good. Stay away from Bull & Claw.,.. it's barely average.

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        Forgot to mention MC Perkins Cove in Qgunquit - what a lovely setting (the old Hurricane's). Food is delicious and innovative, service impeccable, wine list excellent. It can be a bit pricey but nothing like Arrows, their other place down the road.
        Agree, there are several pedistrian establishments in the area which we avoid.

      2. MCPerkins Cove in Ogunquit ios wonderful- good food and service plus an exquisite views. In Kennebunkport try Bandaloop- very good food with fresh local ingredients.

        1. returned from Kennebunkport this morning- Prelude was a great time this year. We got in at the Kennebunkport Inn a small restaurant called Port Tavern- GREAT STEAKS and Lobster too- The pub was packed and they had a great piano player and bartender. The service was good too. Would really reccomend this place to anyone heading into Kenenbunkport- Great food and location is a plus. We didnt stay at the Inn stayed elsewhere but I understand they are open year round and the restaurant is too- Check it out

          1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. We ended up going to the Impastable Dream in Ogunquit (silly name, but with a nice atmosphere and very good Italian food), The Front Porch, also in Ogunquit (terrific flatbread pizza, really strong scotch and sodas, and a crazy piano bar upstairs), and the Bull and Claw (average food, but cheap and uncrowded--the Maine Diner across the street was packed, BTW). We also hit The Grog in Newburyport on the way back, which is a longtime favorite of mine--dark, cozy atmosphere, outstanding chili, and an ok beer selection).

            Next time I'm in the area, I want to try the Wayfarer in Cape Porpoise. It looked like an interesting place. Also, I want to try Pier 77 at some point.

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              My husband and I are gong to Kennebuck in mid-April. We are from Kansas and just want to see Kennebuck since we will be in Boston. Any sites we should see between Boston and Kennebuck? We are staying at Seaside Gooch's Beach. We will only be there two days and want to take site seeing trips around this area, any suggestions? Also, we could not get any of our old standby's in Boston because of the marathon so we are staying in Braintree at the Sheridan--any suggestions for this area also? Is this a safe area for old farmers from Kansas?

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                Let us know where Seaside Gooch's beach is located! What town. There are some nice places in Kennebunkport to eat and if you drive out shore Rd. you will see Bush's house. Other that that its just a nice scenic drive. There is a place called Allison's in down town that is good for lunch. If your closer to Wells and Ogunquit there are quite a few places there for dinner. So reasonable some a little bit more upscale. But most of the places that are closed for the winter are opening for the season. The best bet if you want to find some places to eat ,just do a Google search for Restaurants in each town your going to be in. Or go to the local chamber of commerce for each place and you can find a lot of information. Hope this helps. Earle Ct.

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                  My favorite restaurant in Kennebunk is On the Marsh and I highly recommend it. Great atmosphere, wonderful food and top notch service. You should call first though because I'm not sure of their days of operation in the off-season.

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                    Thanks for the help. We will be staying at Seaside Inn and Cottages on 80 Beach Ave in Kennebunk
                    Do you know of any places we should do daytrips to from there?

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                    Bandaloop in Kennebunkport is definitely one of my favorite restaurants!

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                      Definitely post on the Boston board. I don't know the Braintree area and anything in town will be crazy due to the marathon.

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                        You'll love the Seaside. It's right on the beach and has been operated by the same family since the 1640s--that's not typo, it's the 12th generation of innkeepers. Ask them for suggestions re dining and sightseeing, they certainly know the place. Do be sure to visit the monastery grounds across from the White Barn Inn. As others have noted, that's one of Maine's finest restaurants with stratospheric prices (about $100 pp plus tax, wine and grat; ouch!).

                        In Kennebunkport, Bandaloop is a good choice -- a bit funky and fun, but excellent fare. On the Marsh is excellent for a fine dining choice. I also like the Cape Arundel Inn (not sure if open then) for its open-ocean views and Pier 77, in Cape Porpoise--it overlooks a lobster boats and a lighthouse. Another possibility is Windows on the Water, which used to serve a five-course fixed-price lunch that was a good deal. Again, nice view over the port. For lobster, go to Nunan's in Cape Porpoise, if open. Unfortunately the Clam Shack won't be open yet. You're also close to Joshua's in Wells, located in lovely 1774 home. Great food, too.

                        On the way up from Boston, mosey through Ogunquit and see if Barnicle Billy's in Perkins Cove is open--usually around mid April. Or try MC, pricier but with priceless views. Work up an appetite or walk off the meal with a stroll along the Marginal Way, the one-mile footpath edging the shoreline.

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                          Bandaloop is good. We like the Ramp which is the casual place behind Pier 77 (lower floor of 77) - Barnicles opens around April 15. MC Perkins Cove is a great choice. There is also Hurricane in Kennebunkport for a little pricier high class experience. Their baked stuffed lobster is excellent (about $45 but we usually share) and they have great oysters.

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                          I don't even know where to begin -- get out of Braintree! Try some hotels in Cambridge, Brookline or even Newton...

                          On your way up to Kennebunkport, stop off in Newburyport and have lunch at the Black Cow, which is right on the water. Walk around town for a bit. You can also stop in Portsmouth; check out my lunch recommendations that I posted earlier tonight.

                          In Kennebunkport, I love the Wayfarer in Cape Porpoise for breakfast -- real honest, homecooking. I never talk about price, but it's so cheap! The Wayfarer also serves lunch. We love The Ramp for lunch or dinner -- it's a casual pub setting, but it's right on the pier in Cape Porpoise. Their menu changes, but we think it's the best burger in York County! We love the Lobster Roll with homemade potato chips! The Blueberry Crumble dessert is delicious! In Kennebunkport, we eat dinner at Bandaloop all the time. It is small in there, so make a reservation. We also eat dinner at Grissini, but that can be hit or miss. They have wood-griled thin crust pizza, which we like. With its huge fireplace, it does have a nice atmosphere, however. For dinner in Wells, which is 15 minutes away from K'port, try Joshua's Restaurant. It is chef-owned and a warm and wonderful restaurant. It is a sleeper!

                          I also agree with emilief and all of her recommendations in Ogunquit! Barnacle Billy's will be open and it is the only place on your trip that you should have the lobster! They have the cleanest steamers and the yummiest chowder, also. Save room for the chocolate cake -- get it a la mode and ask for hot fudge...

                          Someone mentioned Windows on the Water -- it went out of business.

                          Someone mentioned google or the chamber of commerce -- forget it; they'll send you to touristy places. Listen to the locals!