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Nov 29, 2007 05:43 PM

Special Christmas Dinners in NYC? (not just restaurants open as usual for xmas)

Where's a good place to go on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day for me and mom? I live in the West Village but I'd be willing to try anywhere between Wall St and 90th St. I'd like to go somewhere that isn't just "open as usual" on those days, but have a special menu. I saw Lupa's special menu and it was not appealing. Under $100 a person please (not including alcohol).


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  1. Cibo, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St., always has special menus for Christmas Eve and Day. You can view them on their website. (Click on Holiday Menus.)

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      Call me crazy, but are the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus the same except for the price? Maybe they have to pay the help more on Christmas, or make the patrons think they do? Either way, food sounds good.

      1. re: Shayna Madel

        Looks good, but I'm looking for perhaps something a bit more opulent. Maybe a nice hotel has a special going? I want this to be "new yorky" for my mom. I wish David Burke and Donatella or Perry St had something going (two of my favorite places in the city).

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          A quick search on OpenTable shows that Bouley is open on Christmas Eve and Day. (I've never been there.) If you want a drop-dead gorgeous space -- and excellent food, of course -- Town is open. You can call to see if either is serving a special menu.

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            For something "New Yorky" and great for your mom, how about the recently-revived Peacock Alley at the Waldorf-Astoria?

            I took my mom to breakfast at Oscar's at the Waldorf last year, and we found ourselves sitting 2 tables down from Dominick Dunne. As an avid VF reader for decades, this was definitely a highlight of her trip!

            I just called, and Peacock Alley is booked already for 12/25, but they have 12/24 seatings available. There is a special chef's prix-fixe holiday menu for $125.

            1. re: foodiegrl

              That's very sweet of you to have now looks like we'll be here around Dec 27 or something, so perhaps more will be available? Keep the suggestions coming...

      2. Over the years we've done the Four Seasons, Jean Georges and other high end restaurants. Just pick up the phone and start calling restaurants you'd like to try. Most that do special holiday meals have 3 or 4 seatings starting at about noon with the last seating at about 7. We've also been to Cibo which is a lovely neighborhood place (on weekends and holidays) with lots of space between tables so it doesn't feel crowded even when it's full. That's why it's so good for business lunches. All or nearly all of the Restaurant Associates restaurants do special holiday meals. Check their website.