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Nov 29, 2007 05:42 PM

Carabba's -- How do I make the best of it [moved from Pennsylvania board]

We are having a holiday luncheon at Carabba's (not my choice, my boss chose it).

What are the best choices there? I figure with good advice, I can at least make the best of it.



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  1. I end up (unwillingly) at Carabbas once a month with co-workers (not adventuresome in the least). I only ever eat mussels. Perhaps now and then, a plate of sauteed spinach to go along (ask for pine nuts on it; I'd like it better with fresh garlic rather from a jar). Their filets are pretty good. Mashed potatoes are gummy. I think the pork chops are off the menu now -- not bad either. It's reliably mediocre, which isn't the worst thing that can happen for a holiday lunch....

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      eat the delicious warm bread with the delicious seasoned dipping oils, then have the fried calamari (which is actually quite good). the mezzaluna are pretty okay but after the bread & calamari, you will probably have had enough. it is not really so bad.

    2. stick with the basics. Pasta, chicken parm, soups.

      1. Just drink a few carafes of their house wine... it will all be delicous :)

        1. You should try their chicken marsala. I don't know how authentic it is, but I think it tastes great!

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            I was there twice and both times I had this had artichokes and olives among other things in it. Being Italian when I am in place's like that I tend to stay away from the tomato sauces as they are never as good as mine. This pasta dish "wasn't bad" but I haven't been back since.

          2. Anytime I end up there, I generally enjoy the grilled seasoned chicken breast - the Chicken Gratella, I think? It's not too fussy and the leftovers reheat very well the next day. I also LOVE their bread.

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              I get made fun of whenever I exclaim "the bread here is really good" somewhere (maybe because I do it at so many restaurants), but the bread at Carrabba's really is great, with their herby dipping oil especially.

              Chicken Bryan is my favorite dish there; grilled chicken topped with caprino cheese and sundried tomatoes. The Ricardo sauce with banana peppers for the calamari is tasty too.