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Nov 29, 2007 05:16 PM

turkey burger?

where can you find a really good turkey burger?

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  1. Westville does a nice one on a Portuguese roll.

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    1. Big Nick's on Broadway near 76th street has the best turkey burgers to be found in NYC. A substantial pattie, well seasoned, on a toasted bun - and the fries are scrumptious as well. The decor is decidedly nabe-friendly, no faux kitsch to snag tourists - this is the real deal. Available for take-out (and delivery as I recall), but treat yourself and enjoy the place.

      1. I liked the one at Big Daddy's Diner on Park South. Very juicy, good flavor. However, I haven't tried many so I don't know how it compared.

        They specialize in tater tots instead of fries, btw.

        1. I just had a great one at Zip Burger: Grilled onions, swiss mustard on a wheat bun. Fabulous! Unfortunately I had to skip their fries which are really good too.

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            Anticipating getting berrated .... I like Burger Heaven. It's one of the few that I've had that actually keeps mostness and has flavor ... not the dried & overspiced type found everywhere. So far, it's my favorite.

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                Ha, to each his own, but Burger Heaven's is among my least favorite turkey burgers. I find it really dry, actually.

                My favorite? Energy Kitchen. Don't berate me until you've tried it.

            1. i love the turkey burgers at 7A (on 7th and A). i usually get the california style with mushrooms, jack cheese and pico de gallo. yum