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Nov 29, 2007 05:08 PM

Coming to San Diego- What's great near the convention center?

We will have a car and can go anywhere but it would be nice to have good food nearby. Please make breakfast suggestions in walking distance of the Marriott. Also, for dinner, we love all ethnic foods and especially like fish/shellfish. What suggestions do you have?

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  1. For breakfast, Cafe 222 at 2nd and Island, definitely walking distance from the Marriott. For seafood, Oceanaire Seafood Room at 4th and Island, also within walking distance. Molly's at the Marriott is extremely good, devoted to the Slow Food movement, organics and buying locally when possible. Not your typical hotel restaurant.

    1. Flemmings is right across the street - dinner place. We sat at the bar and had the lobster tempura appetizer (OMG!) and definitely enough for two! Breakfast at the 222 is good, especially if they're still doing the pumpkin waffle, that's amazing! And their tamale breakfast is enough for two. Also try Quarter Kitchen for dinner, they have some serious cooking going on in there!