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Nov 29, 2007 04:30 PM

Baltimore area caterers?

I'm planning my wedding in Baltimore and trying to get some feedback on Baltimore caterers. I've tried, but most of the girls there are working with different venues that either come with a built-in caterer or don't have restrictions.

Does anybody have any experience with or feedback regarding any of the following caterers:
Absolutely Perfect, Sascha's, Charles Levine, Dionysus' Kitchen, Linwoods

I am having about 150 guests and looking for something mid-range, but my fiancee and I would really like to have unique and well-presented food. I have talked to some of these caterers but have not had tastings yet, and I feel like it's easy to make a menu sound good but it does not guarantee that the caterer will deliver.

Not sure if this is appropriate for this board - just looking for some different perspective - thanks!

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  1. You might want to try Zeffert & Gold........very personal service ( usually by one of the owners) excellent food...reasonably priced

    1. As i'm sure you've discouvered many venues have a pre-approved list of caterers you can use, so I would check to see what (if any) restrictions there are; nothing worse than deciding on a caterer only to discover the venue vetos your efforts. I can highly recommend the Chef below, he's regularly does events at The BMA, AVAM, private high end parties etc...'The Pantry': Personal Fine Catering. 410 669 1984, located on Dolphin Street in midtown Baltimore. Chef Daniel Horwitz was at Linwoods before branching out on his own.

      My experience with Sascha's food has been uneven, sometimes awesome, other times...not so much. I've enjoyed Dionysus' food but not had it in a catered affair situation. Where are you having the wedding?

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        The wedding is at the AVAM (yay) and the caterers that I mentioned are on the "list". I don't think that The Pantry is, but I will double check. Thanks for your input!

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          The Pantry is on the list of approved caterers, although they might not be one of the 'advertised/suggested' caterers. However, they did a wedding there in the Jim Rouse building this past July 4th weekend for 180, so I know they can handle what you need.

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            This wedding was just featured in this months Baltimore Bride magazine.

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            Hello -

            My wife and I had our wedding at the AVAM two years ago, and we used Dionysus Kitchen to cater the event. They were EXCELLENT - we couldn't have been happier. We had a cocktail hour and buffet dinner for about 140 guests... All of our guests raved about the unique and tasty food and the excellent service. Paul was terrific to work with - he served as a sort of wedding coordinator as well as caterer, and he was at our event for the entire time. He had great ideas for the menu, and worked with us to make sure it was perfect... He also helped us coordinate with alot of the other vendors (linens, furniture rental, etc.), allowed us to purchase our own alcohol (big cost savings) and he provided the bartenders. He also hired an oyster shucker and helped us order 500 oysters as part of our cocktail hour... Overall, terrific food, competitive price, and excellent service.

            Congrats and good luck... my wife or I would be happy to share more info. with you if you like about our experience with Paul at the AVAM - you can email me at

        2. I just got married in October and used Dionysus Kitchen, and I couldn't have been happier... FABULOUS! Fabulous food and service. I chose all mediterranean food for my reception. They did both my cocktail party and dinner. I had a family style dinner service and it was exactly what I had wanted. Not as informal as a buffet but not as stuffy as plated service. Presentation was very important to me as well, and they deliver in that aspect as well. I like a rustic, mediterranean look - not the basic white table cloth, gold or silver rimmed china, sliver platters. They have a great flair for working within and accentuating your tastes. Cecilia who is the sous chef and events coordinator gives you 150% in accomodation and service... she is just wonderful. I have attached my menus to give you an idea of their offerings. Also, another perk is they let you supply your own alcohol and don't charge you a fee to do so.

          Congratulations! and I hope everything turns out beautifully for you!

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            Tapas gal - thank you! Would you be willing to let me ask you a few questions via email?

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              sorry for the delay...of course... you can reach me at

          2. We got married at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in August and used Absolutely Perfect as our caterer. The food was terrific and the service was unbeatable. Very easy to work with and Leslye will do anything you ask, we couldn't have been happier. But take your time and enjoy the process of finding who works best with you (and enjoy all the tastings!)