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Nov 29, 2007 04:23 PM

L'Andana's, Burlington, MA

My husband just surprised me by taking me to a new restaurant in Burlington called L'Andana. I would HIGHLY recommend going. The ambiance is extremely impressive with a Tuscan barn flair. The customer service alone would make me want to return. Everyone was courteous, attentive, and very friendly. The food was delicious as was the wine and the sinful, warm chocolate cake. Go, eat, enjoy!

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  1. I concur the food and service is great. They even have a great private dining area. This is what the North Shore needed. I went the 1st week it opened and not one mishap which is unheard of in a newly opened establishment.


    1. I have been here twice now and couldn't agree more. Both meals I had were outstanding. I loved the Veal ala Milanese and the braised pork shank I had during my two visits. I also loved the grilled pepper and the fig and prosciutto appetizers as well as the Angel Hair pasta with seafood. I was there the first time during the first week they were open and have to agree that the service was outstanding, especially given it was a new wait staff. I have to agree too that is really nice to have such a great restaurant out here in the burbs.

      1. You can always tell a true Bostonian: even though, as your post makes clear, you know the name is L'Andana, you insist on adding the apostrohpe "s" in the title!

        1. For anyone looking for this restaurant, since no actual location was given:

          On Cambridge St., going towards Burlington Center, just past Mall Road. Definitely looks like a beautiful place - and very nice to have with so many chain restaurants near the mall! So this makes Capital Grille, Summer and Winter, and this place - Burlington has gone a little upscale! LOL

          1. Pretty pricey for an Italian restaurant in the suburbs.

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              Maybe so, but look at the demographic they're drawing in -- tons of companies inside the 128 belt desperate for decent places to eat/meet (Capital Grill is a case in point). Also you've got Lexington, Bedford, Winchester, Arlington...

              1. re: Trixie Too

                In addition, portion size is generally excellent. Their Veal Milanese is huge, almost covering the entire plate. I have been there three times and believe it is well worth the price.

                1. re: RichardA

                  I gotta say that I had the Veal Milanese, too and was not happy with it. Maybe it was an off night? The veal was huge, yes, but basically tasteless and dry. To me it was a large piece of veal fried with salad on top. I could have probably lived with the tasteless, but the dry really got to me. I sent it back to the kitchen and asked them to do anything with it to make it more palatable. They sent it back with a marinara sauce on top. So basically I had a really expensive veal cutlet. Other than that, my husband enjoyed the pasta and meatballs and the salmon. The hit of the night was the chicken that a friend ordered. Moist, flavorful... Also we loved the truffle fries.

                  We will probably go back and enjoy a bowl of pasta and some nice wine.

                2. re: Trixie Too

                  Plus, it's a Jamie Mammano (Mistral, Moo, Teatro, Sorellina) restaurant, so it's not your typical suburban newcomer.

                3. re: mishe52

                  Agree with Trixie - with all of the new corporate business development going on, don't think they're going to have a problem filling the seats.