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Nov 29, 2007 02:16 PM

Good dining near Atlanta airport?

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant (no junk food-no pizza) near the Atlanta Airport? We don't have a car and Buckhead fine dining (like Panos and Pauls) is too far.

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  1. So you want lunch or dinner? You're walking, taking a cab or subway? From airport, hotel (which one?). Day of the week? Tell us!

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      What kind of time do you this dining excursion during a lay over?

    2. Spondivit's?

      1219 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344

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        The only way I'll go to Spondivits is with a large group, imbibe with reckless abandon, share a shark's platter -- the food is not great but priced as if it were; lines are horrific, and it's louder than MTV.

        I liked the Brake Pad the last time I was there (is it still open?); friends raved about meat and three at The Academy Grill recently (from Ohio and wowed by the offerings).

        Of course this is still academic since we still don't know much about the OP's schedule.

      2. Thanks for the responses. Here's more info: Don't have a car. Staying at a hotel at the airport overnight. Have all evening for dinner from an airport hotel. Cabfare from airport to Panos and Pauls is about $50 each way--too expensive, even though its one of my favorite restaurants. Looking for a great meal, nice evening, that we can get to for max $30 in cabfare both ways. Hate the chains. Hope you have a good suggestion.

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          not fine dining, but Fox Bros. BBQ is REALLY good and would be under the $50 cab ride.

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            The Pecan on Main St. in College Park is very good and about a five minute or less cab ride. That's your best "fine dining" option in the area.

            Another option right near the airport is Manchester Arms, an English style pub with good food. An Irish style pub just opened up down the road from there.

            Have you considered MARTA to midtown? Much cheaper than a cab and many great choices for dinner.

          2. Would get on Marta and come uptown to either downtown, Midtown or Buckhead. What kind of food do you want and how much do you want to spend? Lots of choices and the Marta fare is just a couple of bucks. Would recommend staying away from Spondivits - lady died after eating oysters there not too long ago (bad month to eat oysters, but bad place to have them too). Could have a whole evening out if you went someplace like Atlantic Station (dinner at Lobby at 12 and then drinks and bowling at Ten Pin Alley). Or you could just focus on the food - let us know and we'll give you some choices!

            1. The best restaurant in Airport Area is Simon's Steak and Seafood and Giovanna's Italian Kitchen. The hotel shuttles will transport you to these places.