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Nov 29, 2007 02:00 PM

Goode Company's Pecan Pie

Here's the deal. I've never loved pecan pie UNTIL I tried Goode Co’s Pecan Pie in Houston.

It was love at first bite.

Since I live in LA and do not have access to it (nor do I want to pay an arm to have it shipped and would much rather try to recreate in my own kitchen) – does anyone have a recipe that will yield a pecan pie that comes close?

Am I the only one who’s ever wondered this or are there others of you out there? Come out!! :)

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  1. Man that is good stuff, no doubt! I will send an email to the Houston Chronicle (, and you could also, asking the food editor if they know the recipe.Since I'm in Houston, I'll do some poking around for you and the rest of us!

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    1. re: danhole

      you're a GEM!!

      I'm guessing the recipe is closely guarded, but worth it's worth a shot emailing the Chron. Thanks for the suggestion!

      1. re: so_hungry

        So far no response from the Chronicle, but after looking around, and finding out the secret ingredient is vinegar, here is a recipe that sounds like it may be close.

        If I see anything in the paper I'll let you know!

        1. re: danhole

          that's so funny... i did some research too, and found this same recipe! i wanted to make it in the next few weeks to see how close it really comes to goode's. i'm hopeful, but afraid of setting expectations too high. i'll keep you posted.

          thanks again for all the help!!

          1. re: so_hungry

            My request for this recipe was posted in the paper today, so hopefully it will get something stirred up!

            Hey, you should ask someone to get you a Goode Co. pie for the holidays! Then you could do a side by side comparison! But you could hold off to see if I get a quick response.

            1. re: danhole

              always worth the wait! i'm anxious to see what comes of the request...!!

              many thanks again!

    2. Well, I still haven't heard anything from the Chronicle, but I've been looking in a lot of Texas cookbooks, and out of the countless numbers of Pecan Pie recipes this is the only one that has vinegar in it. It was in a fundraiser cookbook featuring celebrity Texans, and the author is Mary Martin. She is the original Peter Pan, and Larry Hagman's mother.

      Pecan Pie

      3 eggs, beaten
      3/4 cup of sugar
      3/4 cup of White karo
      3 tblsp melted butter
      1 tsp white vinegar
      1 tsp vanilla
      1/8 tsp salt
      1 cup pecans, chopped

      Mix all ingredients, thoroughly, except the pecans. Add the pecans and mix in. Pour mixture into an unbaked pie shell. Preheat oven to 375°. Bake pie for 25 - 30 minutes, testing for doneness with a knife inserted in the center. It's done if the knife comes out clean. (Moderators - I paraphrased the instructions extensively!)

      I guess you could use some whole pecans on the top to "pretty" it up. I would try this, but I am terribly intimidated by pies! Let me know what you think.

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        I don't think my post worked, even though I see it! It was not marked as "New" so I am trying again. I hope so_hungry sees it!

        1. re: danhole

          WOW -- somehow, something told me to come back and find my old pecan pie posting (since I was craving it again) and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!

          danhole: THANK YOU so much, i am going to give this a try and hopefully not butcher it! I will post back when i get around to making it and let you know how it goes!! if you've happened to try this recipe over the last 10 months (since you posted in jan!) do let me know how it came out!

          many many thanks again....

          1. re: so_hungry

            so hungry,

            as i said, I am terribly intimidated by pies, so I haven't attempted it, but when you do, please post back. I am so glad you found this! I was looking at the recipe the other day and wondered if you would ever find it. Hope this is it.


      2. Is it like an Osgoode Pie? I think what makes an Osgoode Pie different from a pecan pie, is the vinegar, and that the layers separate, so there's a gooey (set) layer on the crust, and a light, crusty layer on top. It's also not made with any of the syrups. Osgoode Pie has cinnamon, and nutmeg/cloves/allspice. Does this sound familiar?


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        1. re: violabratsche

          AnnieG -- that pie definitely does sound familiar, especially the gooey layer on the crust! do you have a specific recipe for it that i could try?

          I realize this thread has long been buried, but if you're still out there reading, do let me know! thank you much!!