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If you could only pick one (or two).....

which would it be?

Spago B.H.
Water Grill

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  1. From that list, Spago and Grace. If it's just one, Spago.

    1. Ask me today and it's Cut.

      Ask me again tomorrow, who knows ...

      1. Spago and Providence, but Melisse should be on that list too.

        1. In lieu of two of these go to one of Urasawa.

          1. Providence, then Grace. (caveat: haven't been to cut or valentino)

            1. Haven't been to Cut yet. Of the remaining options, I'd go with Spago and Grace. Everyone has their own tastes, but for me this was pretty easy. I'm not even much of a fan of the others.

                1. Presently, my choice would be A.O.C. because I can walk in without a reservation and sit at the bar and be treated like royalty. Love the wine, the food, and the ambience.

                  1. Is it fair to say you haven't been to any of them yet? As I have not. My clear first pick is Providence, 80% based on prior full reviews this CY on this Board. My second would be Cut. Enjoy!

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                      Yes, true. Haven't been to any yet.

                    2. They're all very good--I just had a great meal at Water Grill. But I'd have to go with Spago and AOC.

                        1. concur with the other poster that said urasawa, but off that list... spago and providence, assuming we're doing tasting menus...

                          my two recent faves though have been bin 8945 and sona.