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Nov 29, 2007 01:45 PM

Reviews for La Brochette ?

Has anyone been yet? Thoughts? Reviews? Opinions? Would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, should any or all apply.

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  1. I was there the other night. A couple of friends who live right across the street decided it would be nice to try it now that they have their "full menu" worked out. Unfortunately, although their full listing is quite extensive, only about half the dishes were being offered the night we went. Despite that, there was no problem finding things that sounded good. The changes seemed to fluster the waitress who didn't seem comfortable or familiar with all the new selections, but she was nice and reasonably attentive.

    We started off with some shrimp in a sort of Mediterranean tomato sauce, which were fine. The shrimps were not particularly great, but the sauce was delicious and spicy. I'm willing to bet that the pita that came with were not made on the premises, but they were fresh, soft, and warm, so I wouldn't take points *off* for that.

    There was too long of a break between the appetizers and the entrees. I'm not sure if it had to do with what we ordered, but it was long enough to count against the place. However, the food, when it did come, was good. The roast meats seem to be the main draw there: they were wonderfully marinated, cooked perfectly medium rare, and the portions were fine. Two of us had tagines which were also good. I don't have much experience with Moroccan food, but they were flavourful, if a bit greasy, and a friend complained that they had been "fancied up too much." Still, I was satisfied with my meal, and the fact that it's BYO is a big help.

    In summary, it's the kind of place that's hard to recommend enthusiastically. There are enough quirks and problems that an impatient/picky/authenticity driven diner could easily have a bad experience there, and I have a hard time imagining driving across the city to go to it. That said, I'll be going back, and if one were in the neighborhood it certainly wouldn't be a bad choice. Finally, let's face it; it's just as good, if not better than, any other Moroccan place in the city. And, that grilled meat was good.

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      I have never had Moroccan food but I went here on Friday night with my girlfriends. I am not one to care much about service, but it was very slow. The guy was nice and very apologetic about everything, and after a few glasses of BYOB red, who cares?

      Friends' dishes were good but mine was very good. Lamb Tagine with fried spiced potatoes. I highly recommend getting that. It was very sweet - with raisins and potatoes. I will go back and order that same dish as it is in the hood and BYOB!!