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Nov 29, 2007 01:28 PM

Tasty Wok & Charlie's Steakhouse

Was in Orlando and went to the Tasty Wok for lunch (E. Colonial). Order more than I could eat but the place is really reasonable. I had the roast pig and roast duck on Rice. think it cost $7. More than I could really eat. The skin of the pig was amazingly crisp and light and the meat was flavorful. Some of the peices did have a bit too much fat layer but easy to pick out. The dish came with a side of chinese brocolli. The Duck was outstanding. Skin crisp and the meat juicy and full of flavor Dip both into the pepper oil and it is heven on a plate for really cheap.

I also order the shrimp dumpling in noodle soup w/ thin egg noodles. The soup and egg noodle was pretty standards. The dumpling a bit below average. Had better on previous visits. I was there around 1:30 and every table was taken and had to wait. I would definitely recommend this place. Don't look for ambiance.

Also went to charlie's steak house on international drive. Had the rib eye on the bone May be it was because I didn't have lunch but simply the best piece of meat I had this year. Really flavorful ad juicy. I order it rare but I could eat it at a certain point because the meat really was raw (purple). I had them warm it a bit and the gorging continued. There were some sides on the table but I didn't bother with them. Thumbs up on Charlies.

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  1. ive been going to tasty wok on colonial dr for several years now and am happy that theyve kept their food consistently delicious although at times greasy

    For my order, I choose the three meat combination on rice as well and have it with roast pork, soy sauce chicken, and squid. The meats are delicious and succulent, tangy and sweet, and absolutely tasty on top of the white rice.

    i posted up pics and more review of my friends choices at tasty wok here at my blogo:

    I have also been to Charley's Steakhouse and their steaks are divine, huge, and lusciously aged to perfection. great choice and ps if you go on your bday you get to eat for free !

    1. I'm a huge fan of both restaurants, Tasty Wok being our go-to place downtown, especially before Orlando Magic games.

      Charley's uses orange wood to grill the steaks over an open flame which gives it that exceptional flavor. They also own some other restaurants which I recommend:

      Texas Cattle Company - Little farther down on the ladder in terms of class/price, but same quality of beef and same grilling methods. I think only in the Tampa Bay area.

      Moonfish - Went there for grandparent's 60th anniversary. Some of the same meats and great seafood including whole fried fish.