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Nov 29, 2007 01:14 PM

Greek restaurant in Valley w/ floor show?

Long ago I went to a restaurant somewhere in Encino or close to it that was Greek menu IIRC? I had 2 orders of saganaki (it was so freakin good); why I am thinking it was Greek. They had this amazing floor show with belly dancers, a sinantra impersonator, etc. Had a dance floor IIRC with tables surrounding. Does anyone have any idea about what the name of this restaurant could be or where it is? Sorry for the fuzzy details, was years ago. TIA

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    1. it was probably the great greek. but (i know it's not in the valley) papadakis in san pedro has better food and show.

      1. I believe you're talking about THE GREEK BISTRO, which was in Encino on the north side of Ventura Blvd. They went out of business. I used to love that place for their fried smelt and spring lamb. I actually have the old address: 17337 Ventura Blvd in Encino. I miss it.

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          actually, i was talking about the great greek, which, i believe, is still open. it is on ventura in sherman oaks, south side of the street, just east of van nuys (i think).

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            It's just east of Dixie Canyon, between Fulton and Woodman, near Max (yum), La Fondue Bourguignonne (meh) and Mistral (yum).

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              I thought Marlane was asking about a Greek restaurant in Encino. Not Sherman Oaks. The Great Greek is a very good Greek restaurant, but it's not in Encino. The Greek Bistro is no longer in business but was Encino and I'm thinking that was the place she wanted to know about. Read the post - ENCINO!!

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                Read the post yourself instead of jumping down people's throats, it says (and I quote) "Long ago I went to a restaurant somewhere in Encino or close to it..."

                Sherman Oaks is the next "town" east of Encino. That's pretty close to it. And while there's no dance floor at the Great Greek, there is a band "corner", I've heard them play Sinatra, and there is dancing between the tables (though very seldom any plate-smashing). Since the Greek Bistro is closed, this is probably the closest match that's actually open and serving food.

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                  You're right. I came on too strong, and I apologize. I agree I didn't read the post correctly - "Encino or close to it." How embarrassing!! But I still believe that the original post was referring to The Greek Bistro. I'm 99.9% certain. Please come back Marlane and end this misery.

          2. Great Greek deosn't do belly Dancers, do they-nor do they have a dance floor. The CLOSEST I can come to belly dancers would be Alcazar, which is not Greek at all!

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              The Great Greek does a floor show between tables (no dance floor). They have live music throughout the evening and at a certain point, the waiters do some traditional line dancing. Guests are welcome to come up and dance, so each show can be unique. When one of the waitresses began belly dancing (in her waitress uniform), some gals from another table joined her (and so did I). An older man, in from Greece visiting his family, did an inspiring solo dance and then my cousin joined him for a lively partner dance. In the end, everyone was invited to join a long snake dance through the restaurant.

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                but no belly dancers per se.

                I've been there and danced in the line. its a lot fo fun!

                Now Pappa Christos has belly dancers, but it it a long way from Encino!

            2. Pretty sure the waiters dance....and invite customers to join them....at the Great Greek.
              Devoid of visible bellies.....

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                Since most waiters there are male, that's a blessing!

                Seriously, Sherman Oaks qualifies as "Close to" Encino.