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Nov 29, 2007 12:48 PM

Portland help needed

My 27 year old daughter and her boyfriend relocated to Portland last spring. I am considering getting them a restaurant gift certificate for Chanukah. I have yet to visit there, and have no idea what restaurant would be a good choice.

No cuisine is ruled out, but nothing too fussy or dressy; a bistro/brasserie-type atmosphere would likely be ideal.

If you are able to make any recommendations, could you give me an idea of what dinner for two with a bottle of wine might cost?

Many thanks.

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    1. If its Chanukah, why not a $50 gift certificate to Kenny and Zuke's Jewish style deli?

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        1. re: JillO

          Kenny and Zuke's is just okay. Matzo ball soup is awful, good bagels. Really, really bad service.

          1. re: kkak97

            Not a fan of matzo ball soup, so I have never had it, but the pastrami is some of the best I have ever had anywhere. The fries are also excellent. The pickles and chopped liver rock. All the baked goods are terrific: bread, rolls, bagels, bialys, rugelach. Awesome soda list to choose from.

            I've had good service there, myself (Iris was our last server there and she was really good), but I think they are still getting their feet under them, so to speak.

            1. re: JillO

              Yeah, I just disagree. I've been there a few times as my office is around the corner, and I just quit going because I waited literally 30 minutes for a toasted bagel...there were only three other people in line.

              As far as a good jewish deli, I'd rank it as close to below average. I've been to delis all over the country and this wasn't memorable - well it was, but for the wrong reasons.

      1. I live in NYC and my wife is from PDX...whenever we go back a dinner at Montage is a must. $100 for food/wine sounds about right.

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        1. re: pastoralia

          I just checked out Montage's website and it looks spot on perfect! Thanks you for the suggestion.

          1. re: pastoralia

            ooh, i'm not a fan of montage. I would say the food is overrated but that assumes that it's rated to begin with -not sure it is. It seems like it was a popular spot at one time (in the early 1990s?), maybe among the early 20s set still but more for their late hours than the quality of their food. I think chowhound etiquette dictates if i diss an idea i should suggest another one. I agree with the earlier posts for Kenny & Zukes (esp. if daughter & co work downtown). I'm also a big fan of taqueria nueve, pok pok, pho van, lovely hula hands, le pigeon. There are a host of other great, medium priced restaurants, too. I think $100 should suffice for most places.

          2. The original comment has been removed