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Nov 29, 2007 12:37 PM

Valentine's Day Suggestions

I like to plan ahead and about 2 months out is when i usually reserve for valentines... so we are coming up to that mark.

Any suggestions?

Last year we went to the Blue Door. I didn't like it at all... so so so cramped and the food came out so so so slowly. I know Valentines is tough because restaurants cram in a lot of tables in general. Any had a great Valentines meal somewhere?

I was considering Romeo's Cafe. It is one of those places i've just never gone to and it is small so i'm hoping to avoid the above problem.

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  1. My suggestion? Stay home and whip up something fantastic for your S.O. (or let him/her do so for you). I have only tried a couple times, but have never had a good Valentine's experience at a restaurant. Inevitably, it's overbooked, the kitchen's overworked (even though they're usually doing a set menu), everything comes out way too slowly, it's not very good, and everyone's grumpy. Hardly the formula for romance.

    You might have a good idea with Romeo's but I'm not vouching for it.