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Nov 29, 2007 12:33 PM

high end gift basket with wine?

I'm looking for a holiday gift for my boss and her immediately family. They are very tasteful, moneyed Upper East Siders, and I'd like to send them a basket/box of some high end gourmet items AND a bottle of wine or champage. The former is easy to find, but I can't seem to track down a place that can include liquor in the gift. Any suggestions?


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  1. I'd never thought of it before, but that might actually be a bit difficult here. However, you could get Sherry-Lehman to deliver a bottle separately, perhaps. Are you in NYC?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I did think of that, just seeing if maybe I can get them delivered together before I explore Plan B.


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        If you want any feedback on places in NYC for the gift basket (I wasn't sure if you live in NYC or not) - feel free to post again about it on the Manhattan board - I live in the same area as your boss (don't fit the profile, but know people who do!) so I might be able to help you with your selection. I looked at that site but couldn't find any baskets.

    2. NY State law prohibits the sale of food and wine for off-premises consumption in the same store. So, wine retailers can't sell food, and food retailers can't sell wine -- you can't get them in a basket together.

      You may be able to find an out-of-state merchant who'll ship to your friends. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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        Thanks. Inconvenient, but good to know.

      2. I do not drink, so I don't much about the quality of their wines, but try

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          there's a gourmet gift basket for $49.95 at (in NJ) and a huge selection of wines.

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            Thank you! I'm on that site, but can't find the basket. Can I trouble you for a specific link?

          2. Okay, here's what I've done (where you can't sell wine and food in the same place).

            The customer would buy the wine, bring it to me, and I would build a basket according to their wishes. I would ship it if that was legal, and if not, I would hand it to the buyer, with box and packaging material, who would pop it over to FedEx themselves.

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            1. re: cheesemonger

              Great idea. Maybe Murray's will do that. You're not in NY, are you?

              1. re: susanderavish

                Nope, sorry.... It can't hurt to ask Murray's, or any smaller shop actually. I often made baskets with things that customers brought in to make them more "personal". If the shop already makes baskets, it's easier for them put it together than you having to buy all the stuff, and if Murray's will do it, they can choose cheeses that go with the wine(s) you bring in. And since they don't sell you the wine, then it's legal.

            2. Have you thought about making the basket yourself and adding the wine?

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              1. re: MrsT

                I would for anyone else, but these are very rich people and I don't think something I did would be elegant enough for them.

                1. re: susanderavish

                  I think you're not giving yourself (or them) enough credit. I would just go to a nice gourmet store and tell them what you're looking for. I think you could make a wonderful and elegant basket.