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Nov 29, 2007 12:33 PM

Tasting Menus

Heading up to Toronto in early January to see my Scarlet Knights play in the International Bowl. Looking for a nice restaurant with a good tasting menu. Splendido a bit out of my range for this trip (since my wife isn't going and would kill me). Looking for 5 or 7 courses with a nice variety in both the food and wine selections.


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  1. How about Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar? Great for solo dining, and their wine pairings are usually quite good.

    Jamie Kennedy
    9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

    1. Fat Cat on Eglinton, it was fantastic, 5 hours of food and wine. don't ask me how much it cost, it was my birthday.
      (Amuse bouche)
      Sesame Crusted Sea Scallops
      Pinot Gris

      Lobster Bisque with vanilla & apple
      Santa Barbara Chardonnay, 2004, Santa Barbara, Ca., USA

      Monkfish served with lentils and spinach and a passion fruit and pink peppercorn beurre blanc sauce
      Paul Zinck Gew├╝rztraminer, 2003, Alsace, France

      Maple Glazed Quail & Foie Gras
      Keegan "Russian River" Pinot Noir 2001, St. Helena, Ca., USA

      Pan Roasted Duck Breast with cloudlike polenta and cherry sauce
      Dynamite Merlot 2002, North Coast, Ca., USA

      (Extra dish)
      Alberta Beef Tenderloin red wine veal jus, with corn and mushrooms

      Roasted Caribou Tenderloin with Quinoa & sesame seeds, served with a wild blueberry sauce
      Domaine Tempier Bandol, 2003, South Coast, France

      Cheese Plate
      Port, Quinta De Castelinho, 1986, Portugal

      Lemon Tart
      Trius Brut Sparkling Wine, Niagara, Canada

      1. There are many (many, many!) restaurants in toronto that feature tasting menus.
        Maybe you can provide a few more details on your "limits" & "preferences". The Splendido comment gave us a hint at your limit, but we do not fully understand your preferences. Some more limits are provided below:
        Splendido == $135
        Susur == $?
        Thuet == $85->$125
        Perigee = $135
        Lucien == $65->$95

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            susur is approx $110 give or take $10 for an extra course. much cheaper if you go veg or vegan

          2. Thank you all for your great suggestions. This gives me a bit of direction.

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              Don't forget to factor in about $50-$90 for matching wine,as it really makes for a complete package as well as 14% and obviouly tip. I was at Splendido about a month ago with 3 buddies, as wife eats like a bird. We each had a martini,and the tasting menu and with matching wine. With tip/tax total was an obscene $335 each. But I have to say the evening was awesome-service, food and wine spectacular but obviously very expensive. For me, though, the beginning of an annual, pre-holiday tradition!!