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Nov 29, 2007 12:06 PM

Lunch help- far west Chelsea

I just started working on 28th between 10th and 11th. It seems like no mans land out here come lunch time, but there has to be at least a few reasonable options. I am vegetarian and prefer to eat fairly healthy, so any recommendations (both sit down and delivery) would be great. Thanks!!

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  1. its tough, im on 26th and 12th and there arent too many options! they have a wichcraft on the 12th avenue side of the terminal building, btw 27th and 28th. there are also a few restaurants on 10th ave btw 23rd and 25th. bottino is good for sandwiches and salads but its to go only. pepe giallo to go is dependable and inexpensive. then if you travel to 8th ave, you will have a lot more options.

    1. Tia Pol on 21st and 10th is great. A sit down Spanish tapas place open for lunch Tuesday-Fri from noon til 3. New York Mag gives it five stars and it's really delicious. Might not be the healthiest of the healthy, but you can find some veggie options there.

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        If you're in Chelsea, Tia Pol is the place to go regardless of health or anything else, it's amazing.