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Nov 29, 2007 12:04 PM

Romantic Dining in New Hampshire

looking for a nice restaurant in New Hampshire. i live in sountern new hampshire but i would be willing to travel an hour, give or take. this would be for around christmas time for my boyfriend. we are both under 21 so wine lists and stuff doesnt matter. i just want something that will be really romantic and a place we have to dress up nice to go to.

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  1. Well, there's the Bedford Village Inn, which is always voted "most romantic". There is a table in a nook upstairs that is very private and I'm sure would have to be requested when making reservations. The Black Trumpet in Portsmouth has a very warm and cozy atmosphere and the prices there are more reasonable and portion sizes won't leave you feeling unromantic-ly bloated, like they would at the BVI. The Dunaway in Portsmouth is also nice but I haven't been since the new chef. In Nashua at Surf there's a piano player on some nights, but the room is very open and can get loud - and you don't exactly have to dress up to go there. Hope this helps :)

    1. Im not to shure where you live, but I have a couple of places you could try that I was told would fit what your looking for. In South Nashua there is a Italian place (Villa Banca) and a place called (Michael Timothy's) and up RT.3 there is a place called the Silo, which Im told is a mainly Steak place. Hope this helps you in your Quest. Earle CT.

      1. Portsmouth has a younger, hipper vibe than other NH locales. There are many postings on this board about good restaurants there.

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          Yes, I'd go to Portsmouth, if it were me. I really like walking around and stopping in to a little pub after. I like Green Monkey and probably Black Trumpet (since I liked it as Lindberg's and Blue Strawbery, but haven't been to BT yet).

          I think that perhaps the most romantic table in Portsmouth is pictured at It's the best view I've seen and it's very intimate. I liked it when it first opened as Portabello and no one knew about it.

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            The Wellington Room is very romantic, the food wonderful, and the view is amazing! I took my boyfriend there for his birthday and we both agreed it was one of the best meals we'd ever had. I think they are only open weekends, so you'll probably want to make a reservation if you go there. They do have great dessert at Wellington room (and will certainly do a candle for the birthday), but there are also great places in the area that you can get dessert and coffee after dinner (like Popovers right up the street).

        2. I forgot about the Wellington Room! Great view and very tucked away.

          I live in Nashua and I have to disagree about Villa Banca. You're going to pay and the food is just ok. Plus my husband and I ate there one night and it was actually pretty loud w/ people laughing and talking. Michael Timothy's is pretty solid food wise and it's nice if you go when they have a jazz group playing in the bar.

          1. what part of southern nh? If you are in Keene that is more than one hour just to Milford let alone Manchester or Nashua.

            Manchester area?
            Bedford Village Inn
            Richard's Bistro

            Manhattan on Pearl comes to mind.

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              This is true--if you head into the Monadnock region, Acqua Bistro in Peterborough is very nice. I actually think the food at Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar (also in Pbo) is better, but it's loud and chaotic. though it draws a pretty crowd.

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                I would second the recs re Acqua Bistro and the Pearl in Peterborough. Acqua is the more romantic of the two. Ask for a table in the back by the windows with a view of the river.