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Nov 29, 2007 11:52 AM

Where can I find a Zojirushi Rice Cooker in the City?

Hi. I'm looking to buy a Zojirushi rice cooker. They have them on Amazon, but I'd really prefer to buy it from somewhere local. Do you have any suggestions? (I'm especially looking for the Micom Stainless Steel Cooker, but am open to others.) Many many thanks!

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  1. I've seen them at Zabar's - not sure if they have the particular model you're looking for, though.

    1. You can find them at the Korean grocery store on 32nd between 5th and 6th (there is only 1, it's in the middle of the block). They will be cheaper there than at Zabar's, but cheaper still if you shlep out to a Korean grocery store in Flushing.

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        "They will be cheaper there than at Zabar's,"

        Ya think? Han Ah Rheum, and Korean and Japanese appliance stores in general, are rarely if ever a source of bargains in my experience. I imagine they would be cheaper, and the selection better, in Chinatown though. One place to check is the sort of "general store" on the east side of Elizabeth Street about 3/4 of the block south of Canal Street. but things can change quickly in Chinatown and it's been a while since I was wondering around down there on a regular basis so I can't think of any other place offhand. There's also Mitsuwa over in North Jersey, but their prices aren't low either.

      2. Try Chinatown. I got one in March at a place called Everyware, 103 Bowery (Hester/Grand).

        Stores in this neighborhood are competitive on price. Amazon currently lists my model (NS-ZCC10 Micom rice cooker/warmer) at $179, purportedly discounted from $223. Everyware charged $159 (tax included). Bring cash.

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          They sell Zojirushi rice cookers at Dynasty on Hester and Elizabeth. I purchased my via amazon, but I love my Zojirushi!

        2. This isn't in the city, but if you can get out to Mitsuwa, in Edgewater, NJ (just accross the Hudson) they have a huge selection of Zojirsuhi and other brands of fuzzy logic rice cookers. Probably cheaper than Manhattan too. I think they have a bus service... or get yourself a zipcar and make a shopping trip out of it. And definitely have the ramen at Santoka while you're there.

          1. Pearl River Mart has a good selection when I bought mine 2 yrs ago. Most larger Asian supermarkets carry that brand.

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              I also got mine at Pearl River on lower Broadway about 2 yrs ago.