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Nov 29, 2007 11:51 AM

Best Inexpensive Mexican Food?

I'm in search of authentic Mexican that not too expensive. I've heard a good things about Taqueria Corona on Magazine, but I'm not sure if it is still open. Where do you go for great Mexican food? Thanks!

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  1. Taqueria Corona is pretty good!! Taco san miquel is pretty good to but limited!!

    1. Taqueria San Miguel, on N Claiborne just off Elysian Fields. The place on Roosevelt (can't remember the name) that took the place of Madrid....the blue & white coverted snowball stand on Westbank Expressway at Stumph (good tortas).

      BTW, Taqueria Corona was founded & is run by central americans (Salvadoran, IIRC), not Mexicans despite the Pancho Villa decor.

      1. I'm in the Taqueria Corona corner. It's still there on Magazine. There were a few other locations that opened up, one in the warehouse district that shut down and another in Metaire that may still be there. I say you can't go wrong with the Numero Uno y Medio or just a few of their tacos. My favorites are the chicken, carne asada and the fish. A lot of people are really fond of carreta's which is out there on Vets with another location in Hammond or Ponchatula. It's not bad, but I assume you're looking for New Orleans restaurants. Two new places that opened more recently bear mentioning: El Gato Negro, near the French Market in the Quarter, and Felipe's, just off Calhoun and Claiborne. The latter is an order-at-the-front and carry-your-own-food to the table type place. But good. My favorite at Felipe's is the pork (carnitas). But all the places mention above fit your "not too expensive" criteria (criterium?).

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          I'm glad to hear Taqueria Corona is still open. I'm looking forward to some tacos in a couple of weeks!

        2. While I have yet to try a couple of new places, including two on Carrollton near Canal, my current favorite is San Miguel on North Claiborne. Weekends seem to have especially worthy offerings. I recently had a plato (which comes with beans and wonderful rice) with chipotle stewed pork and cheese stuffed chile rellenos. It was outstanding.

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            I really want to try San Miguel. Is it at 2120 N. Claiborne Ave.? Would you consider this a safe neighborhood to be in during the day?

            1. re: christina_hunnicutt

              I have never had a concern about safety, although the neighborhood is a little rough around the edges, and in the middle. But it has large parking lot and there is plenty of traffic. My only warning, though, is to not park in the spaces at the end. You might find yourself blocked in by trucks that use the middle as a "take away" spot.

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                I'm using public transportation, so I'm hoping there is a bus stop near!

                1. re: christina_hunnicutt

                  There is a bus stop near, but be warned that the "schedule" is more of a vague suggestion of the possiblilty that a bus may if you're lucky pass by within 30 minutes of the posted time, but it will almost certainly be going the other way. If you're in a hurry, call United one or both ways.

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                    Is this true of the transit system in general, or just the Esplanade bus line?

                    1. re: christina_hunnicutt

                      Some lines are worse than others; the St. Charles/Carrollton bus (running in place of the streetcar on part of the route), sort of runs on a schedule. You can generally count on at least two buses per hour, weekdays, on that route.

          2. I suggest packing it up and heading to Tres Amigos in Slidell.

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              Taqueria San Miguel is what I wanted to say!!