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Nov 29, 2007 11:41 AM

THE GODFATHER style restaurant in north NJ?

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions and ideas about a THE GODFATHER style restaurant in NYC. You may remember my post on the outer boroughs board, about looking for restaurant that has the look and feel of the restaurant in the movie scene in which Michael kills a corrupt cop and a mobster. Now I'm seeking the same in northern NJ. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    1. re: Raisel

      Thanks. I checked out their website and the place seems to be a bit ostentatious ... any other ideas?

      1. re: avi

        Oh, you have to give Dimora a try. It's in Norwood, not Closter (right next door). It may look fancy, but since it is down the street from me, we go whenever, and feel it is okay to be casual there. Families eat there all the time from the surrounding houses. But also is nice enough looking for a date. Or a nice family birthday or something. The food is great. And the atmosphere... well, it will entertainingly be just what you're looking for!

    2. I thought Dimora was pretty poor when I went a couple of years ago. I would suggest Segreto's in Tenafly for Italian.

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      1. re: thaichile

        Maybe it depends on what you order. The scallopini (which most people seem to order, for whatever reason, and probably explains why stuff like that permeates the menu...) are nothing special, but I think you can make a great meal off of the specials. They usually have a homemade ravioli, and will give you a half order of any pasta as a primi, and serve a nice fish of the day, filleted in the dining room. I like their carpaccio appetizer, but have had really good oysters there as well. Other plusses are some good affordable wine selections, and Averna at the bar.

        Downsides are that the room can get really crowded and uncomfortable, so we tend to go early. And everything that I listed above will set you back at least $100/head, especially if you get coffee and dessert (good cannoli, fwiw). For the record- my wife does not think it is worth the money, but will gladly go on somebody else's dime :)

      2. Mina's on 140 Rifle Camp Road in West Paterson is a small Italian restaurant that serves very good food. The town is predominantly Italian. Due Nicola in 75 Main Street, Little Falls has the same atmosphere.

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        1. re: mazcona

          mmmm, Mina's. I used to live in W. Pat. I loved that place.

        2. How far is LODI from where you are? I went to a place called "Goodfellas" about 6 years ago...who the hell knows if it is still there. Great food though.

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          1. re: vino5150

            I was actually going to recommend this place. I went there once many years ago for an affair but don't remember too much about it. But this place is the REAL DEAL. I drive by it occasionally and every time I do, I see lots of well-dressed guys in dark suits going into the place. I think they're actually in Garfield, but I would imagine both Lodi and Garfield, towns with very large Italian populations, have lots of "Godfather" restaurants.

            1. re: zhelder

              I went there 6 years ago...looked like a scene out of any Italian style movie....a bunch of well dressed older guys with gorgeous young women in addition to tables with older, awfully dressed women complaining about their husbands...looked like a scene out of the Sopranos. FOOD WAS GREAT THOUGH!!! Hope it hasn't changes.

              1. re: vino5150

                leo's in hoboken..a bit rough around the edges, but for sure a place that tony and the boys would also serves as a ole blue eyes shrine and the jukebox has more than enough frank selections.