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Nov 29, 2007 11:26 AM

Lively Upscale Restaurants in Vegas

We making our annual trip to Vegas during Christmas week (staying at Bellagio) and will be dining as a group of 11. Due to the size of the group, we realize that we may have to split up into two tables. Our group consists of two couples 40 to 50ish years of age (lol)-- but the remainder are in their late twenties. We are looking for restaurants that have an upscale atmosphere or are hip and lively. We know, appreciate and want fine food, but seek varied menu selections that could please some of the more understated palates among us. Price is really not a primary concern. Thus far, we have booked Prime, N9ne, Alize, Circo---just to hold a few places. We are also considering Martorano (we are from FL but have read some awful reviews of the Vegas location), Nob Hill, Mesa Grill, SW Steak, B and B (concerned that there may be too great an influence on organ meats??), Mix (for the view and the room but--went once before and can't recall being overwhelmed by the food). We need to steer clear of asian because one person has a severe allergy to nuts and nut oils, but anything else goes. Would love some advice on pleasing the group with good food in a nice/atmospheric setting. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, I think N9NE is a great choice for your group, that would've been my first suggestion. I haven't been to Circo for a few years but don't recall it being hip or lively although the food was good. I have never been to Prime or Alize but again, don't think of either of these as hip or lively. Of the others you mention, I don't think Nobhill has the atmosphere you desire although the food is quite good. Mesa Grill and B&B are both good choices for you and there is lots to eat at B&B that doesn't involve organ meats. Haven't been to SW. Stripsteak is also fun and hip and lively but it would be another steakhouse and if I had to choose between N9NE and Stripsteak I would choose N9NE without a doubt. Another fun place is FIX at the Bellagio, with good food and definitely the vibe you are seeking (very loud, too). I'm sure some here might suggest Tao or Social House or RumJungle or that kind of thing, but I'm too old to even try those, plus I guess they are Asian or at least Asian influenced (at least the first two, not sure about RumJungle). Also consider Fiamma for Italian.

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      i agree - n9ne and stripsteak - 2 great choices - the other options...i would not call lively though i've only been to mesa grill for lunch - it looks like it could be lively - another option - FIX and STack ...very hip, lively - most feel the food is average at best ...i like both

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        N9ne is best for steaks, desserts and hipness. Slightly less hip, but more varied and interesting food is mesa grill. I go there every time we go to vegas. It cant be beat. Fix is a close third for hip, sophisticated fun and great food. Its the most informal. Alize has a great view and nice but overpriced wine list, but is a bit formal and not hip at all. Mix sucks. Great room, ok food, poor service, overpriced.

        One place you havent mentioned that I loved is social house in TI. Great creative sushi and asain dishes with non asain dishes for those not into sushi. Great desserts and fun. Id put that on my list.

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          one of these days i will try tao and social house ....i have a feeling they will be similar to fix and stack but ...of course...with asian faire

      2. You might also think about BOA, although it too is primarily a steakhouse, but has a very hip and fun atmosphere. other possibilities would be cafe ba ba reeba, less expesnive and upscale, but fun and lively. I did not care for social house when I ate there, but it might be fun for drinks and since it is sushi, nuts and nut products are probably less of a concern. Alize is a very nice restaurant, but somewhat formal although it is in the Palms, so it can't be too formal. I'd also consider trying Nove, in the Palms addition; it had a rocky start but recent reviews have been better and it seems like interesting, upscale Italian. I haven't been there yet myself, however.

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          Funny how it is the steakhouses that have more of the "hip, fun atmosphere".... We are definitely going to Prime (for an anniversary celebration night) and N9ne (which we really like)---but we are still playing around with the other three nights. I'd like to hit one or two restaurants that are more upscale as well. We've gone to Fix but didn't love how it sits open into the casino. We have also enjoyed Tao on previous trips but the nut allergy eater won't dine there so that's out. Has anyone been to Nove or Martorano recently? Just curious....Thanks again for all of the helpful and kind replies!

        2. I agree about N9Ne -- LIked it as well and very hip atmosphere. I would have said Simon at the hardrock for a young group but I went last Saturday and found out they closed. As far as Rumjungle don't even bother -- the food is marginal. I actually liked Stack when I went there and was there during a weekday and it was a pretty hip crowd..but I think with everything on the strip it can be hit or miss and if I was going to choose between Stack and N9Ne as far as hipmess I would pick N9Ne