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Nov 29, 2007 10:43 AM

Rec for Great Italian

i'm in NY for the weekend with my boyfriend and we're looking for a great italian restaurant to try. something authentic with great atmosphere, great red wine, and great food (pricey is ok). We're staying in Midtown, but i dont' mind taking a cab somewhere else in the city for a great dinner/ evening. We are from Austin, so great italian restaurants are a treat! thanks

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  1. I'm just beating a lot of people to the punch by saying: Crispo

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      You certainly are speaking on behalf of a lot of people! I love Crispo and think it would be perfect.

      I also like Apizz though it doesn't have a very extensive menu, what they do have is amazing (esp short ribs and gnocchi).

    2. Crispo, Peasant, Apizz
      More expensive (and if you can get a reservation), Babbo

      1. Il Giglio...old-school romantic Italian in Tribeca...fantastic wines, gratis antipasti, shrimp fra diavolo, fav upscale Italian in the city...

        1. We just had an exceptionally delicious dinner at L'Impero. Excellent wine pairings for my husband (I don't drink). Very good service -- friendly and efficient. Understated elegant surroundings, but not a hint of stuffiness. Several menu options: a la carte, a 4-course prix-fixe, and a 7-course tasting dinner.

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            I'm a fan of their sister restaurant, Alto. Bruni gave it high marks and I can't help but agree.

          2. I love Crispo, but if price is not important I would choose l'Impero or Alto. Check their menus and see which one appeals to your taste. L'Impero emphasizes southern Italian and is a bit more rustic and Alto is northern and more refined. Both are great, but my personal preference is l'Impero, particularly for the atmosphere. Fiamma just got a great review this week in the Times, 3 stars, but I have not been there in years. Sounds very promising and I hope to try it sometime.