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Nov 29, 2007 10:32 AM

Will I be rushed at The Orchard?

Have a 7pm res at the Orchard for next Saturday, but I'm worried we're going to be rushed out for another seating...I have out of town guests and we'll probably want to linger. Anyone have an experience on this either way?


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  1. unlikely...but you might be ignored. Horrendous service in my experience.

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      Wow. Went tonight and had perhaps the best service I've ever had in NY. Totally attentive without being overbearing. Big fan of the food and service

    2. We were never rushed before, even as we always had dined at around the same time as you plan on being there. However, we never lingered more than we needed to and, being that it does get to be very busy after 8, I wouldn;t be surprised if they politely present the bill while you still lingered.

      1. Ate at Orchard last night - had a 9pm reservation but ended up arriving early and getting a "no show" table at 8:30. I was REALLY impressed with this restaurant's food but the service was not up to snuff. There were a lot of inexperienced servers working the room - at one point the woman who hung up our coats offered to take our dessert order! But at no point did i feel rushed or forced to decide/order.

        I think this restaurant is one of the L.E.S.'s gems.