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Nov 29, 2007 10:26 AM

Good sushi in downtown SEA financial district?

I.e. in the skyscraper area or walkable from this area, in a 45 minute lunch "hour?" I'm hoping to get carryout rolls. Tuna, yellowtail, mackerel, cuke, even California. Traditional standards. Thank you. I looked up Nishino - which gets good comments on the boards - but that looks like a car or bus ride.

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  1. I don't know if Saito will do carryout, and I'm sure 45 minutes is too short to dine in there, but you might give them a call. If they'll accept a takeout lunch order, they'll almost certainly be your best bet downtown.

    1. I reccomend Nijo. I used to work in the building it is in (tell them you do to, you get a 10% discount). It is in Post Alley. All the rolls and everything is quite good--obviously not out of this world, but it is also good prices. Bento box is a steal at like $10. Lots of options, good service, can be in and out in no time if you let them know. Also does carry out.

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        I've had terrible food and service at Nijo on a couple of occasions and won't be back. YMMV.

        Wish it were better as I live close by.

      2. I'm trying both, thank you! I just went to the place next door to Earth & Ocean on 4th (don't recall the name), hoping it might be a casual, authentic sushi place. No such luck. New fangled americanized, full bar, cheapest maki was $10! I got a spicy tuna tempura roll because it was one of the simplest. But it looks like fourth of July fireworks exploded on it. Tastes ok, but not like sushi.

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          I believe the place you went to was Jasmine. Nice place to go for cocktails, but not so much for food.

          I used to work in the same area, and pretty much all the suggestions in the pike place or belltown area are too far for lunch... though they were close enough for after work happy hour sushi =). I never did find a good lunch time sushi spot, but there was good enough food of other sorts to keep me happy. =)

          That reminds me, now that the bus tunnels are open again, catching a bus to the I-district through the tunnels and stopping by Uwajimaya for sushi would not really take that long.

          1. re: clearskies0810

            I love Uwajimaya for many things but not their takeout sushi under any circumstances. Better to walk a few blocks east to Bush Garden.

            1. re: terrier

              Where is Bush Garden? It doesn't sound very Japanese :)

              1. re: sasha1

                614 Maynard Ave. S.

                It's the oldest continually-operating Japanese restaurant in Seattle, believe it or not. ("Since 1953")

                1. re: terrier

                  Hasn't Maneki been operating for 100 years?

                  I went to Bush Garden once and didn't like the food. If I remember right, I had a salad that didn't taste at all fresh; possibly the same for the fish.

                  1. re: seattledebs

                    Maneki is definitely older, but it hasn't operated continuously since it opened in 1904. It was closed during the WWII Japanese internment, and again in the early '90s for a lengthy renovation.

                    Bush Garden's nowhere near the best Japanese food in town; it's just a really good deal for lunch.

        2. There's a little sushi place in the far corner of the Food Court at 3rd & Marion, across from Wells Fargo, that does excellent sushi, reasonably priced, lots of carryout business. You can even call ahead. Sorry, don't know the name and number offhand.

          1. What about Rice and Roll (I think that's the name) on Marion between 3rd and 4th (north side of street)? Any good at all? I just walked by it today for the first time.

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            1. re: sasha1

              Nah. "Sushi for people who don't like fish."

              1. re: sasha1

                Terrible. Dry rice, no filling in the rolls, nothing but americanized stuff. It's a chain, I believe.