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Nov 29, 2007 10:23 AM

Best sports bar/restaurant near Court St

Need someplace to watch the blacked-out Dallas/Green Bay game tonight. Palatable eats a definite plus. Must have NFL Network, but I can find that out. Brazen head a possibility? Searched the boards, no luck.

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  1. Angry Wade's on Smith at Butler is a good place to watch a game, but I do not know the food situation. They sometimes have a grill going outside, but that may just be on the weekends.

    1. You could try Cody's which is on Court near Pacific or thereabouts. I've never been, but have heard it recommended as a great sports bar.

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        The place on the corner of Amity & Court, Downtown Bar & Grill, says they have 750 beers. I can attest that they had way way more then your typical bar – not sure if it was 750 though. A lot of TVs, big flat screen in back and the food, which I did not try, looked like your typical bar food. Atmosphere was a wee bit better then Cody’s, not as bleak IMO and on Sunday’s that get a decent crowd for the games. Cody’s food is ehhh, I esp. remember their wings being awful.

      2. One thing I know, one I will guess at: you'll have to bring in eats to the Brazen Head (no worries, there's a big binder of takeout menus), and I would venture that they don't have the NFL Network -- to my knowledge they don't have anything beyond the digital cable basic package. Cody's definitely has more screens, and the usual range of heart-stopping pub grub; not sure about NFL Network availability there either.

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          I believe both Cody's and the Downtown Bar and Grill have the NFL network. Both are decent places to watch the game, but I think I'd give a slight nod to Downtown.

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            I went to Downtown Bar and Grill last night and stayed for the first half of the game. I was lucky to get a table because the place was packed with a mix of football fans and normal people eating out. Still, sight lines were good; I couldn't hear the game because the place was so noisy, but that's ok. I was impressed with the beer selection. The tap beer tasted good--lines were clean. Food was on the good side of average for a bar and grill. I ordered nachos (a special) and "Buffalo" chicken wings, and a green salad. The burgers looked good. Service was friendly but overwhelmed; I think they were taken by surprise that so many showed up for Packers/Cowboys.

            Thanks everyone for your tips.

            1. re: Mr. Particular

              I actually was there for the first half too. Makes me question my previous recommendation. They were absolutely crushed with people and the lone waitress was completely overwhelmed. Had to wait almost 20 minutes after being seated to get a beer and other tables had emplty uncleared plates on their table. Wings were pretty bad and small. There were 8 wings and it was $10, but fianceee's veggie burger was pretty good. My Sam Adams bottle was $7. So, as one of the only places to see the game, it was fine, but for any other reason, its not really worth it. For a local pub with good food, prices and beer, Waterfront remains head and shoulders, above the rest.