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Nov 29, 2007 09:58 AM

Brookline Oysters?

What ever happened to that new oyster bar that was to be opened in Coolidge Corner by the person who used to be at Eastern Standard and then had that entertaining restaurant blog (sorry I can't remember her name)? Sounded like a great idea to me.

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  1. the blog was:

    1. I want to say I read in the Tab or something that the license transfer was denied... maybe someone else has a better memory than I do?

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      1. re: Kbee

        I read that "the owner of Perpetual Oyster rescinded the application for personal reasons."

        Whatever those were? But now she is in NYC...

        "Gwen Butler, the anonymous blogger we unmasked as the creator of Sympathy for the Restaurant Industry, never officially confirmed that she was the Boston bartender who got $2.75 million from a random patron to open (unsuccessfully, it turned out) her own restaurant. And she would never tell us exactly what she was doing in New York, either. (It was obviously something, since she stopped updating the blog back in September.) But now we know she’s the director of operations for Ron Silver’s restaurant group, including Bubby’s, recently reopened after a DOH closure. Will Butler be able to turn the place around and fight off all those roaches? It’s a cliffhanger worthy of an Internet roman à clef!"

        1. re: JWR

          Ah, thanks for the update. I could go for a 'random patron' like that! Too bad about the restaurant, somebody else should do it.