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Slovenian sausage???

I've recently moved to the Bay Area, and am wondering if anyone knows a place to find good Slovenian sausage? If not Slovenian, perhaps an excellent sausage shop would be able to help. I moved from Cleveland, where Slovenian food is easy to find and is a Christmas tradition for my family. Any tips will be much appreciated!

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  1. I don't know if they have what you want, but there is an Euopean grocery store on Piedmont Ave in North Oakland. Euromix. They import lots of items. I wander through but don't purchase -- but they might have what you want or know a source. I walked in there yesterday and a couple was mulling over a sausage in their freezer section.

    Euromix Delicatessen

    4301 Piedmont Ave
    (between Gleneden Ave & John St)
    Oakland, CA 94611
    (510) 595-3649

    "Your Senses will Conjure up images reminisent of Europe, Russia, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, and Austria!!!"

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      Thank you! I will check it out!

    2. Check out Dittmer's Wurst Haus - you might have to ask about Slovenian and be able to describe what you're looking for.
      400 San Antonio Rd.
      Mountain View

      1. i am sure you might be able to find a Russian or Ukrainian sausage but i am not sure if that would be a suitable sub. for what your looking for. there are a few russian delis around if you google it

        1. Could you describe a Slovenian sausage? The only ones I ever had were made by my grandmother and uncles and I have never seen any commercially.

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            blood sausage was what I was brought up with....

          2. I totally sympathize with you. I moved from Cleveland to Boston over 30 years ago, and I'm still looking for Slovenian sausage here. Slovenian sausage is Slovenian sausage -- nothing else comes close. For years, I've been having my Cleveland relatives do a run to Raddell's sausage shop, but they now have a web site and will ship! I heartily recommend them. The web site is: http://raddellssausage.com/ Hope you're able to get sausage for the holidays. It was a Christmas tradition at my house as well. Next weekend, I'll make potica!

            1. I also live in the Bay Area and have never found it locally. We order it from Cleveland for Christmas. I've been getting it from Azmans for years. You can just call them and they will ship it.

              1. I am also from Cleveland and am Slovenian. The holidays are not the same without rice sausage. The place we (whole family including grandma) went to is now closed. I guess the old neighborhood has changed too much. This year we went to Raddells (on 152 and Waterloo). It was very good and they will ship.



                1. I saw your email! I have been in the south bay for 8 years! No luck with Slovenian sausage; I have my parents mail me sausage and zelodec from Radell's on Waterloo in Cleveland. Also I noticed that Azmans on St. Clair will mail! Zivio Slovenci!

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                    This is the kind of thread that I love, and why Chowhound is so much fun. Our neighbour is Slovenian and I am going to ask her if we can get this kind of sausage in Vancouver.

                    1. You can buy Slovenian blood sausage and kreinska kielbasa (Croatia style sausage) from the annual PUST which is a preLenten celebration from the Slovenian Hall on Mariposa St in San Francisco.. They also have a marvelous party (which is the PUST) so you can polka off some pounds!!

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                        ARE YOU SERIOUS?

                        I grew UP there doing native dances and dinners......my grandmother lived up the street around the corner and my AUNT lives there still! I live in Hawai'i....

                        Is there a number I can call to contact them and see if I could get some shipped here, or when Mainland could pick some up?

                        My Grandfather and Great Uncle used to make if for the Slovenian Hall parties!

                        OH MY GOSH!!

                        Small world!

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                          I also went to a few dinners and dances there because my stepfather has Slovenian heritage and used to have family within blocks of the area. Those dinners and dances are some great memories. Does the Slovenian Church there make a bunch? I am not sure. I think weedytj is right, just wait to buy the sausages just before Lent. Mjgovednik, does your Teta (aunt) have a recipe?

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                            I am sorry! She is long gone. My Great Uncle and Grandfather used to make it.
                            You might check with the Slovenian Church, though. I will ask my mother to ask my Teta, who is very old now, if she knows anything about it.

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                          Weedytj I am very familiar with Slovenian Hall....grew up there! How can you get the sausage MAILED or purchased??

                        3. Kranjska klobasa ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kranjsk... ) or Krainer Wurst in Austria is the sausage made in Carniola (northern Slovenia and southeastern Austria (which speaks Slovenian). It is 80% pork and 20% bacon. Note the controversy over the right of Austrians to make Krainer Wurst using that name. Slovenia won in the European Court, from now on Austrians are supposed to call it Osterkrainer Wurst (Austrian Carniola sausage). It is my favorite sausage, it is popular in Australia, where it is called Kransky.

                          1. My wife is from Cleveland and we fill a small suitcase with various sausages from the Westside Market on the way to the airport on every visit. Slovenian sausages are a favorite!

                            I can't say that I've seen it here for sure, but if I was going to try to find it I'd start in the eastern European markets on Geary out in the avenues...like around 19th-21st.

                            We're fans of the New World Market (5641 Geary Blvd
                            ) but it is primarily Russian. You also might have luck finding something close at Seakor Polish Deli and Sauasage factory (5957 Geary Blvd

                              1. According to the schedule for the band, http://www.gruberfamilyband.com/Sched... , the PUST celebration at SF's Slovenian Hall will be March 1. If anyone knows more about it, please chime in.

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                                  I don't. Haven't been members for many years. I live in Hawai'i....but I damn well miss those blood sausages!

                                2. there is a place in Corralitos where you could buy Kranjske klobase, I think they are still there.Are you Slovenian, I am from Maribor