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Nov 29, 2007 07:52 AM

In Search of Kobe Fugetsudo in NYC

I had them for the first time, fabulous! I especially love the wafer thin, buttery cookies. I also loved the presentation in the tin box. They were a gift from a visitor from Japan. Does anyone know where I can get them in New York City? Thanks !

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  1. Oh, those are so good! I don't know where in Manhattan you can get them but you can definitely get them in Mitsuwa in Edgewater. The shuttle leaves from Port Authority and is $4 RT (well worth it!). You can call the NJ store and see if they have anyplace that sells them in NY - pls post back if you find a place in Manhattan. :)

    Here's the link:

    stores (Fugetsudo is under bakery/pastry/tea):


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      Thanks Jessesgirl!

      I want to give them as gifts for the X'mas holiday. I thought about looking for them at JAS Mart and Sunrise Mart in the East Village. Thanks again for the info!

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        Better yet is the NJ transit bus #158 that stops right out on the corner across from the plaza on River Rd - it's $6 Rt but unlike the Mitsuwa shuttle it actually keeps a schedule, is more or less comfortable, and doesn't make extended detours so the driver can drop off friends and relatives on his way back to the city. (lol, sort of)