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Nov 29, 2007 07:35 AM

Inexpensive Steak on the Strip

I will be in Vegas this weekend and my boyfriend would like to have a good steak. I would like to take him somewhere nice but we are on a budget (in Vegas for a family thing not really a grand weekend). We are staying at the Sahara and would like to go somewhere that is on the strip, preferably somewhere we can get to on the monorail. Don't want to spend money on a cab and definately don't want to walk in the cold! We will be drinking, but aren't big wine drinkers. Any suggestions? He really isn't that hard to please.

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  1. what is your price range including tax, tip, drinks, desert, appetizers? Inexpensive means different things to different people.

    1. This is more a question on the same topic, but I've often been told the Steakhouse at Circus Circus is excellent, and much more reasonably priced than others. I have not dined there, so I can't vouch for it. Has anyone eaten there recently, and is this true?



      1. I was just going to suggest Circus Circus steakhouse. I love it and the value is good. Probably about 40 a person without the alcohol. And the steaks come with salads and sides so not everything is alacarte as in other ritzy steakhouses. The place is very old school vegas and the only drawback is that you have to walk through Circus Circus. One tip stick to steak and prime rib it has always been friend had the salmon once and said it was horrible,

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. We were hoping to get out of there for around $100; $150 if it was something really memorable. It sounds like Circus Circus is a good deal.

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            $100 for both of you...i hope you don't drink !!!

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              Yeah you'd definitely wanna pay attention to that. The drinks can really add up!

          2. Across the Street Nest to the Riveria...... The Peppermill. my Favorite Cheap Rib Eye steak on the strip.