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Nov 29, 2007 07:31 AM

Pairing question: lamb chops?

What style of beer might one pair with lamb chops (prepared very simply- broiled with salt, pepper, a little olive oil)?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. One option is an American pale ale. Enough hops to cut through the fat without overpowering, the fruitiness will go well with the gaminess of the lamb, and you probably already have some in your fridge. A Belgian pale would bring more sweetness, and spicyness from the yeast and hops (rather than the bitterness of the APA).

    edit: not knowing how much a beer drinker you are, typical examples are Sierra Nevada for the APA and Leffe Blonde for the Belgian

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    1. re: nfo

      Thanks, that sounds about right. I'm a neophyte to the craft beer thing, but would be interested in looking for something a little bit more interesting than Sierra Nevada. Somebody recommended Dale's Pale Ale A.P.A., but I am incredibly skeptical about beer in a can...

      1. re: bennyt

        Pale ale is a good choice for lamb chops (then again, I think it's a good choice for just about anything...). Since it's the season, I'd go for the Sierra Nevada Celebration ale.

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          No need to be skeptical, it is a good beer. Just pour it into a glass.

      2. while i'd agree with the pale ale suggestions, i'd also say that i've had some good success serving porter with red meats. assuming, that is, that the lamb is done medium rare. alternatively, a nice belgian-style dubbel would have enough fruitiness to go very well.

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        1. re: tuqueboy

          I agree with porter; something "inky".