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Nov 29, 2007 07:21 AM

Best handmade ice cream shake in Memphis?

Hi there,

It looks like I'll be going to the Memphis area next month and I was hoping someone could tell me where to get the best shake in Memphis. I'm hoping maybe for a decent burger, fries, and shake type of place, but have a thing for homemade ice cream. Anywhere good?

Thanks for the help!


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  1. Really the best place in town to go for that sort of thing is Cheeburger Cheeburger on Hacks Cross. The places in town noted for their burgers don't couple it with decent milkshakes. The burger at Cheeburger is pretty good, as are the fries and onion rings, but they do the ice cream right.

    1. There's a ton of them. On Beale is the famous Dyers where they fry their hamburgers in grease they've been using for 75 years, and their shakes are great. They are too greasy for me. Wiles-Smith on Union probably has the best shakes. The Arcade on S. Main has great shakes too. Mensi's dairy bar in Collierville is very good. Steak and Shake (yes, the chain) is very good too.

      1. For me, it's Wiles-Smith for the shake, but if I need a burger too, it's the Sonic drive thru...shameless, I know. But, when's its good, it's good!