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Coming from SF for 25th Anniversary...

What would you suggest for a restaurant for dinner?
Here's the criteria.
We're staying in Beverly Hills, but don't mind a drive.
It's Tuesday night.
I really dislike empty restaurants!! Buzz is fun! Food should be really good (is this a given?). I am sadly allergic to mushrooms, so no special "mushroom tasting". Hubby isn't a huge seafood fan, but I like fish- just not oysters and clams.
We love Lucques, AOC. Have enjoyed JAR and Campanille. Didn't like Mozza (love Babbo!).
Thanks so much for the help!!

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  1. Grace
    Angelina Osteria

      1. PRovidence
        Angeli Caffe
        Saddle Peak Lodge

        There's more...but I'm blanking.

        1. Craft or La Cachette-both in Century City. Five minutes from BH

          1. Josie
            (both in Santa Monica)

            1. Happy Anniversary! For such special night, I'd dine at Abode then go to Penthouse in Santa Monica for drinks and dessert! Or vice versa!

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              1. re: fdb

                I'm familiar with Providence, although we haven't been.
                Can someone tell me more about Grace and Sona?

                1. re: Oakland Barb

                  Grace is very good; the tasting menu and the regular menu are both inventive and have good fish as well as meat options.

                  Sona, I really liked their tasting menu a few weeks back. The menu is french inspired and definitely plenty of seafood options.

                  Pane e Vino has a great back patio that reminds me of Tuscany

                  For a really romantic atmosphere, there's Hotel Bel Air, but I guess that doesn't really provide *buzz*

                  I'd also consider Bin 8945.

                  I might also consider a tasting menu at Spago or Bin, then head over to Providence for the dessert tasting menu.

                  1. re: Emme

                    The patio at Pane e Vino is charming, but it's definitely a culinary step down from the others listed on this thread.

                    1. re: wutzizname

                      What's the word on the quality of the food at Cut as opposed to the "wow" factor of spending so much? The place seems nicely buzzy, but is it too corporate?
                      My husband is balking a little at the seafood-centric menus I've shown him so far.
                      We definitely want something fun and not staid, busy and good food is a must!
                      If we were staying in SF we'd eat at Quince.

                      1. re: Oakland Barb

                        All tolled, JAR would be first on my list, but you've already been.

                        Given Quince as a reference, sounds like Grace, Cut, or Osteria Mozza (which no one's suggested yet) should be your contenders.

                        1. re: wutzizname

                          Oops, just saw that you'd dismissed Mozza in your original post. Might consider Angelini Osteria or All'Angelo for Italian instead.

                        2. re: Oakland Barb

                          The quality of the food at Cut is exceptional. The taste will depend on what you order. The bone marrow flan, for example, is amazing and the "Louis" and the veal tongue are exemplary; however, the sides have been (for the most part) disappointing, particularly for the price--though I do like the creamed spinach with fried egg. In terms of the main courses, I was pleasently surprised by how good the duck was and, yet, somewhat disappointed in the steaks [21 and 32 days aged and wagyu, did not try the kobe]. It is not that the steaks were not good but rather that, again for the money, I think there are better steaks to be had in L.A., e.g. at JAR. Great wine list at Cut, too. The decor is ultra modern rather than romantic but it is not a "corporate" restaurant (though, perhaps, best enjoyed on a corporate account). Bottom line, it is not all sizzle and no steak but not what I would choose for a 25th anniversary either.

                  1. re: maudies5

                    We've eaten at Spago. Liked it, but it's not one of our "go to" spots.
                    What about Fraiche or Opus? Aren't there a couple of new spots we're missing?
                    If JAR is superior to Cut, I won't bother with Cut.

                    1. re: Oakland Barb

                      Jar is a fine restaurant (even if so noisy at peak dining hours that it is painful at times) but it is not a steakhouse. Had you seen this photo / review of Cut by Kevin H? If not it's worth the time: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/431813

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Thanks for the addtional information on Cut.
                        And Fraiche?
                        How do these compare to Lucques (a restaurant I know pretty well, in LA).

                        1. re: Oakland Barb

                          I am embarrassed to say that despite living well within striking distance of Fraiche we have not been. It has mixed reviews here. Probably more positive than negative. I like Lucques a lot and from what I've seen here on CH that probably means I would like Fraiche too.

                          1. re: Servorg

                            Fraiche is decent for Culver City, but definitely not in the same class as Lucques. Not the one place you'd want to choose for your 25th.

                            1. re: wutzizname

                              I agree about Fraiche. It's very good, but it wouldn't be my choice for my anniversary, and we're only up to 6! For your 25th, you definitely want something that's more special. And Tuesday night in Culver City, I'm not sure how much buzz you'll feel. The same goes for Opus, and I'm a BIG Opus fan. There are a lot of good suggestions above, many that I haven't been to, and some of the ones I was going to suggest you've been to. Of all of the suggestions, Grace is the one I'd most want to go to (and it's where I had reservations for our recent anniversary, until my husband surprised ME with reservations at Spago.)

                              1. re: writergirl

                                Well said, writergirl. I think all signs point to Grace.